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Techniques Masterclass: The Perfect Blow Dry

Techniques Masterclass: The Perfect Blow Dry
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Salon worthy blow-dry? If you've got the locks, FD have the know-how! The tools you need, and the secrets to using them!

Great tools give great results: Start with a high-quality hairdryer with a nozzle attachment to concentrate the flow of hot air - this gives you smoother, shiner locks and more control over the finished result. Choose a lightweight hairdryer to prevent your arm getting tired too quickly. Celebrity hair expert Kevin Murphy adds that you shouldn't start blow-drying while your hair is too wet, for the same reason. He also suggests always beginning at the front of the hair, giving it all your attention while you have the energy, before moving on to the rest of your head when you're feeling less enthusiastic!


The brush you use can make a big difference too. A classic vent brush is the perfect blow-dry brush as it lets the hot air flow through, speeding up the process - try the Denman Vent Brush, £5.25. If you'd like more volume at the roots and a soft, glamourous curl down the lengths (as you'll achieve by following our blow-dry tutorial below), try a round barrel brush such as the Head Jog Radial Brush, £4.50. It takes some practice, but this brush is perfect for lifting sections at the root - creating maximum lift - and for twirling the ends of your hair to create curls as you dry.

Products can transform your tresses - but only if you use them properly!

'½ Smoothing your hair with a serum or hair oil? Keep it away from your roots to avoid them going flat. Start applying it in the mid-sections and work your way down.

'½ Using a volumising product? Focus it at the roots for maximum lift.

The perfect blow-dry: a step-by-step guide... 1) Wash your hair and thoroughly towel dry it. 2) Spritz a heat protection spray all over your locks from roots to tips. 3) Now's the time to apply a volumising product - and remember to focus it on your roots. 4) Using a lightweight hair dryer without the nozzle attachment, roughly blast your hair to make it more manageable. 5) Attach the nozzle, grab a round brush and - section by section - blow dry your hair, being sure to angle the jet of air downwards to create a smooth finish. As you reach the end of each section, give your brush a little spin to twirl the hair. This will give a glamorous loose curl. 6) When you have done all of your hair, let it cool thoroughly without brushing. This will allow your new style to set. 7) If you want even more volume, grab a backcombing brush and get to work on your roots - taking care not to disrupt your curls too much. 8) Hairspray your 'do to help it go the distance - and enjoy!

Fragrance Direct Blog
Writer and expert
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