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Makeup Trends through the Ages

Makeup Trends through the Ages
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Last week we took a trip to the Manchester Art Gallery to visit the Vogue exhibition: A Century of Style. It showcases a huge range of photography that has been commissioned by British Vogue since it was founded in 1916. Decade by decade it showcases Vogue's position at the forefront of new fashion and style and the key trends we've seen throughout the century. If you have a spare afternoon we definitely recommend it for whiling away the hours taking in exceptional photography. It's on in Manchester until the 30th October so you've got plenty of time to check it out. The exhibition inspired us here at FD to check out the key beauty trends over the last century and see what just keeps coming back around and also what's definitely best left in history!

1920's: The roaring twenties were when women really started to come into their own with hair and makeup. Coco Chanel appeared with a tan and with that the pale shades of foundation went out of the window. The bronzed look was well and truly established. Eye makeup was heavy, dark and smudgy and a red lip was a must to complete the look, Applied in the exaggerated Cupid's bow shape.

1930's: The 30's was an era of Art Deco and Hollywood celebrity. Eyebrows were plucked to virtually none ' existent thinness and high arched. A small cat eye effect was used with eyeliner for the first time to define and elongate the eye.

1940's: Foundation became darker than the previous decade in the 40's with silver screen actresses becoming the icons. Women started to use more powder blush, similar to today, in light rosy pink hues. Eyebrows were no longer plucked to the extreme of the 30's and rather groomed into a natural appearance. Mascara and eyeliner was used sparingly to enhance natural beauty and red lips were back in fashion.

1950's: In come the big icons like Doris Day, Sophia Loren and of course Marilyn Monroe. Perfection and glamour were the key trends of the decade as women were encouraged to look impeccable at all times. Thick, dramatic eyeliner and mascara were used to define the eyes and bright red cherry lips were a must.

1960's: The 60's focus moved away from luscious red lips and became vivid, huge eyes, most notably Twiggy (the first supermodel). Foundation became a lot more natural than previous decades and the eye was the focus. Blending different eyeshadows became popular, along with thickly applied liquid eyeliner and plenty of mascara (on both top and bottom lashes)! Lips were nude or glossed.

1970's: Skin became much fresher and dewy in the 70's and powder blushes gave way to cheek stains. For the evenings women were applying glitter and pearlised shimmer all over the eyes and the cheek area. Wet look gloss was applied to lips or a nude coloured balm.

1980's: Concealer had its birth in the 80's, applied before foundation to correct any blemishes or imperfections. Dark liner and mascara was used heavily along with bright clashing eyeshadows. Lipstick was bright pink or fuchsia and then glossed over. Think Madonna.

1990's: The 90's was the era of grunge, think Kate Moss. A heavy smoky eye with greys and dusty browns with little or no blush and a nude matte lip colour was the signature look.

2000's: Makeup trends have seemed to change on a daily basis throughout the last few years with 80's making a comeback, a 70's revival or the 50's been back in Vogue. Contouring, strobing, baking, no makeup makeup' it's difficult to keep up! With the rise of beauty bloggers and vloggers we're sure to see trends constantly changing and evolving.

makeup from 1960 through to 2000

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