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How To Approach Foundation

How To Approach Foundation
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Do you need foundation? Which coverage should you choose? How should you apply it once you have chosen? We have the answers! Look no further! Discover the pros and cons of full foundation vs. light foundation based on your skin type and lifestyle, and never get stuck at the beauty counter again!

So, if you get confused by all the different foundations out there, don't worry you're not the only one! Every week it seems a brand brings out a new foundation with different benefits and coverage and it can all become a bit of a mind field.

Selecting a foundation is mainly down to personal preference. How you like your makeup to look, your skin type, and the finish you prefer. So I'll explain a little bit about what the names of each foundation means and who they are best for'

Types of foundation

Liquid foundation ' Pretty simple and self-explanatory. Any foundations that come in a liquid form. Powder foundation ' Usually comes in a compact form and are great for on the go. Stick foundation ' Again are very portable so great for travelling, they are usually heavier formulas and more like a concealer texture. Tinted Moisturiser ' Much lighter than a normal foundation and better for those who prefer less coverage.

Best foundations for your skin type

Your skin type will really influence the type of foundation you choose, as what looks great on a friend may not work the same for you.

Oily Skin ' if you have oily skin you are better opting for a powder foundation or a matte finish foundation. A powder foundation is much more likely to soak up any excess oil throughout the day and keep your skin looking as flawless as possible. If you use a liquid or 'dewy' foundation, the excess oil you produce throughout the day is likely to break down this kind of formula. So you'll end up looking patchy. Matte foundations are generally more long lasting with a higher coverage, you can usually identify them as they'll say, 'Matte finish', 'Longwearing', 'No Shine'. The best foundation for oily skin is the L'Oreal Infallible 24 hour Matte Foundation.

Dry Skin ' if you have a dry skin type then you are much better off choosing a liquid foundation or a tinted moisturiser, depending on the type of coverage you prefer. Tinted moisturisers will give you as much hydration throughout the day as possible, which is what you need for dry skin, so is the kinder option. However, if you prefer more coverage then look for a foundation that offers a dewy finish that will keep your skin hydrated throughout the day and won't cling to any dry patches. The Nuxe Tinted Moisturiser Cream is beautiful.

Normal/Combination Skin ' if you have normal skin that is neither oily or dry then thank your lucky stars, because you have the choice of all foundations! You can choose based on the finish or preference you prefer. Like your skin to look glowy and bright, then opt for a moisturising foundation or if you prefer a full coverage matte finish then choose a long wearing option. Some of our favourites are Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Foundation, Max Factor Skin Luminizer Foundation, Fenty Beauty pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation and Guerlain Parure de Lumiere Foundation.


The type of coverage you go for in your foundation is mainly down to personal preference. Some people prefer a heavier coverage, that hides all blemishes and uneven skin tone and some prefer a lighter more minimal coverage that gives a fresher appearance.

Full coverage foundations ' they give you that flawless, smooth and perfect finish that will disguise any signs of acne, under eye circles, blemishes, pigmentation, you name it and full coverage will cover it. Some full coverage foundations can even hide tattoos!

Full coverage foundations are great for days when you need that extra coverage and long-lasting finish, for example going to a wedding or a festival and you don't want your makeup to budge. When applying a full coverage foundation, you don't need as much as you might think. Try starting with one pump and see how far it goes. Because they are denser than other formulas they often go a little bit further. If after one layer you feel like you need a bit extra, let the first layer dry and then add more product in the areas you need.

Light coverage foundations - they are perfect for everyday use. If you want that 'no makeup' makeup look then a light or medium coverage is best for you. They tend to be a bit more liquidy than fuller coverage formulas and spread more easily. A light coverage foundation is best applied with either your fingers or a sponge for that super natural finish.

No coverage foundation ' who says we must wear foundation everyday anyway! They are plenty of products out there that work to enhance your face without the need for a foundation or base product. You can cover any blemishes with a spot of concealer, give yourself a pop of colour with some blusher or bronzer and swipe a nude lipstick over your lips to give you a super natural no makeup look.

Using a combination of sandalwood and avocado, the natural goodness of Urban Veda's Soothing Facial Oil is perfect for sensitive skin types. Nourishing, calming and rich in anti-aging ingredients, it's has the power to freshen up your complexion, giving you naturally bright and healthy-looking skin.

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Writer and expert
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