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Euphoria Inspired Makeup Looks We’re Obsessed With

Euphoria Inspired Makeup Looks We’re Obsessed With
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A raw (often brutally so) portrayal of life as a teenager in the suburbs of Los Angeles, Euphoria is the gritty series winning both hearts and awards by the bucketful. Despite being set in another continent, the themes trigger something we can all identify with, the teenage experience of experimentation, love and heartbreak. 

Let’s Get Euphoric

Somehow, the cast of Euphoria, including the phenomenal Zendaya, manages to make even those of us who are *ahem* a decade or two out of our teen years reminisce about those wayward years where it was us vs the world. And while there are a lot of themes in the show we won’t be condoning, there is one aspect that has unexpectedly made fashionistas sit up and take notice - the phenomenal makeup looks. 

The cast of Euphoria sports some stunning palettes and quirky styles, in keeping with that period of experimentation your teen years are known for. So, jump on the trend, embrace the bold and try something new with one of our favourite Euphoria inspired makeup looks.  

Kat’s Green Lids

Bold, single-colour eye shadow looks are back in a big way, thanks to the show’s popularity. One of the most stunning examples is in Episode Four when Kat rocks a killer combination of edgy dog collar and bright green lids. 

To achieve this look at home, make sure to prime your eyelids first for even coverage. Next, follow with a base in a lighter shade, which will give the pigment in your green a better chance to shine. Apply your green shade liberally, pressing gently to help it stay in place. Make sure not to skimp on your mascara and liner for this look - balance is the key. 

Try a Max Factor Wild Shadow Pot for pigmented colour or the Technic 15 Pressed Pigment Eyeshadow in Vacay for a range of bold shades. 

Maddy’s Rhinestones

Another fab makeup style that’s gone straight from the screen to the streets is Maddy’s use of rhinestones to accentuate her eyes. A look usually reserved for festivals, we love that Euphoria is giving us the go-ahead to rock it any day of the week. 

Best of all, there’s no right or wrong here, so let your inner craftswoman take over and create a look that’s totally unique to you. If you’re feeling apprehensive, try simply placing three rhinestones under your lower lash line. Understated yet effective. 

Jules’ Bold Liner

Last but certainly not least among Euphorias head-turning makeup looks is Jules’ inventive use of eyeliner. If you thought a winged liner was daring, think again. From episode to episode, Jules takes everything you thought you knew about liner and turns it on its head. From triple-winged white liner to a bold pink sweep running parallel to the eye, Jules uses eyeliner as a tool to create a stunning range of artistic looks.   

The key to nailing Jules’ abstract liner without looking like you applied yours in a high-speed car chase is balance. Try to keep the final look symmetrical, and as always, if you have a lot happening around your eyes, keep your lips fairly neutral. You’ll be amazed at how many bright eyeliner shades are available right now, so grab a few exciting colours and start experimenting! 

Get started with Rimmel Wonder'Swipe in 012 Kha-Ching or 009 Mega Hottie.

Sketches: @donni.davy IG
Fragrance Direct Blog
Writer and expert
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