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10 Makeup Trends youƒ??ll be obsessed with in 2017!

10 Makeup Trends youƒ??ll be obsessed with in 2017!
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As we're now well and truly into 2017, let's just take a minute to thank 2016 for an epic year in makeup: we'll just say glitter, glitter and more glitter. We're going to have a look at the top trends that will be popping up on red carpets, catwalks and all over Insta this year and the products you'll need to recreate them. We have a lot to look forward to!

1. First up Glossy Lids' this is set to be a huge trend throughout 2017 and was a look that was all over the catwalks in Fashion Month. There's a few different ways you can achieve a glossy lid, easiest being clear lip gloss. However I think we'll see a huge surge in glossy eye shadow products throughout the spring and summer months, making the whole process much slicker rather than sticky! In the meantime this Technic Clear Lip Gloss will do the trick.

2. Next we have the dramatic reduction in black eyeliner' Now that you've fully mastered the perfect cat-eye liner, you can just leave that behind *sigh*. This year the go-to liner look is much more minimalist. It's all about black kohl liner in the waterlines. A much edgier look than the cat flick. Try this Collection Kohl Eye Pencil to achieve the look.

3. The no makeup make up' In 2017 we're all focusing on achieving healthy, radiant and glowing skin. The contouring, strobing, baking hype is taking a back seat and it's all about letting the skin shine through. Invest in a good quality hydrating moisturiser to give your skin a helping hand; the Murad Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisturiser is perfect.

4. The relaxed red lip' A red lip is always in fashion but the way to wear it this year is with the no makeup make up look; clean and fresh skin, minimal eye makeup and fluffy brows. The striking red lip is fail safe glamour. We have so many red lipsticks that will do the trick but one of our favourites is the L'OrǸal Colour Riche Collection in Doutzens Pure Red.

5. Metallics' Metallics had become very popular towards the end of 2016 and the trend shows no signs of dying down. Metallic makeup is all about the iridescent look rather than a glitter. Metal and chrome products work perfectly on the eyes and the lips and can be quite delicate and understated, perfect if you're not quite as daring with your makeup. Think swipes of silver over the lips and shimmery gold highlighters. The W7 10 out 10 Palette has plenty of metal shades including bronzes, golds, silvers and blacks.


6. Bold Blush is making a comeback' Blush is meant to be seen this year, so get your blusher brushes at the ready. Think heavy handed disco vibes with bright pink shades and you won't go too far wrong. For the more conservative wearer you can just intensify your usual shade by applying with a damp brush to give off more pigment. Also try blending further up towards the temples. The Nars Blush in shade Desire is perfect for this trend.

7. Boyish Brows' When it comes to brows for this year, the perfectly groomed and filled in look is totally left in 2016. Think naturally groomed, slightly untidy and straight brows for 2017. Thank god we can start to leave the tweezers and wax strips alone and let our brows be free. Stick to a tinted gel or keep everything in place and more natural looking. This gel from Billion Dollar Brows is perfect.

8. Lip Gloss is back in a big way' I know we've talked about using lip gloss on your eye lids, well also get it slathered on your lips! Last year was all about the matte lip (as we could tell from the Kylie Jenner lip kit phenomenon) but this year we're bringing back the gloss. It's a refreshing change that gives dimension, shine and youth! One of our favourites is the Clinique Superbalm Moisturising Lip Gloss; this gives you a great sheen but also gives your lips a hit of hydration!

9. The Glitter Trend' Glitter was huge in 2016, on the eyes, lips, cheeks, pretty much anywhere on the face was ok! Glitter is still a stand out trend for 2017 but we're seeing it more concentrated in the eye area, in particular underneath the eyes. Scattered across the bottom lash line, allowing flecks to fall where they may. Basically the less perfect it looks, the better! The Collection Glam Crystals Dazzling Eyeliner is great for taking your eye makeup to the next level.

10. Burgundy lids' A wash of red shadow on the lids is going to be a big beauty trend for 2017. We saw plenty of celebrities at the Golden Globes with burgundy lids and we love it! It makes your whole look super modern and edgy. The Maybelline Eye Studio Diamond Glow Quad is perfect for creating a burgundy, bronzy look.

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