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Marc Jacobs Daisy Love

Marc Jacobs Daisy Love
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There's a new addition to the Daisy family! Under blue skies on a golden beach, love fills the air and the carefree spirit of daisy shines, a new chapter of sisterhood begins' Daisy Love Marc Jacobs!

For more than a decade, Daisy Marc Jacobs has won hearts all over the world with a youthful spirit and spontaneous charm. This summer, Daisy Love transports Daisy's beloved universe from verdant fields to a sun-drenched beach where love and happiness shine with a new radiant gourmand fragrance and visually stunning advertising campaign featuring Daisy muse Kaia Gerber.

Shot entirely on film by celebrated British fashion photographer Alasdair McLellan, the imagery captures Kaia and model Aube Jolicoeur and Faith Lynch as they revel beneath the golden sun on a dreamy California beach.

The campaign celebrates the beauty of sisterhood and friendship through a series of vibrant images that mirror the high-spirited essence of the fragrance and stay true to Daisy's belief in living life to the fullest.

The Fragrance

Daisy Love fills the air with radiant florals and sparkling gourmand twists that evoke the bliss of watching the sun reflect on the ocean under blue skies. Undeniably feminine with a youthful yet sophisticated composition, Daisy Love opens with a bright pop of crystallized cloudberries that exude multi-faceted sweetness.

At the heart, the solar yet creamy floralcy of petals from the Daisy tree mingle with the warmth of cashmere musks and driftwood for a delicate and memorable dry down.

Top: Crystallized cloudberries Heart: Daisy Tree petals Base: Cashmere musks, driftwood

An ode to the larger-than-life spirit that embodies Daisy Love, the new bottle is a completely original design that complements her sister fragrances in a playful yet refined way. Luxurious in craftmanship, the innovative cap features a single oversized white Daisy bloom and a gold centre accent for an elevated touch.

The clear glass bottle is elegantly faceted with raised petals at the top to give the illusion of the sun casting a floral shadow and is structured with a sleek circular base that highlights the warm glow of Daisy Love's juice within.

Daisy Love is available at Fragrance Direct now!

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