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T London

T London
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Discover a very special home and fragrance selection from T London, a gorgeous new brand for Fragrance Direct. If you haven't heard of this beautiful brand before then keep reading'T London Story

T stands for Tea and Travel. Their scents come from treasured moments of their founder and creative director Jayne has experienced on her adventures around the globe. They use fragrance to bring these memories to life, to create new moods and sensations.

London is an important part of this brand. The brand was born in London and it is its home. They love its quirky corners, experimental attitude and endless possibilities. Exotic teas, spices and fragrances have been transported and traded in the capital throughout history.


The luxurious products that T London create are made from pure, high quality ingredients. Using skin friendly formulas and ethical production processes. At T London, the perfumers blend the complex fragrances of different atmospheres and places with the aromatic essential oils of handpicked spices, grasses, fruits and flowers. They collect potent botanical extracts from far flung corners of the globe, to gently cleanse your skin, boost it with moisture and leave it in excellent condition.

T London strive to keep things as holistic and natural as possible. Formulating their products in England, they are free from parabens, SLS, SLES and artificial colours and they never test on animals.

These are some of our favourite products:

Yerba Mate Candle ' Blended for focus and clarity, the Yerba Mate candle is a fresh, stimulating aroma inspired by the steeped leaf infusion of Argentina and South America. The candle smells incredible and has notes of petitgrain, mate absolute, guaiac wood and vetiver.

Darjeeling Hand & Body Lotion ' Blended for positivity, the Darjeeling lotion is a deeply hydrating botanical conditioner for the hands and body. With extracts of witch hazel, chamomile flower, jojoba seed oil and aloe vera it sinks into the skin easily and leaves you with smooth and protected hands.

Dimbula Bath & Shower Gel ' Blended for equilibrium, experience the Dimbula, a deeply rebalancing body cleanser and bath soak. Infused with natural botanicals and spiced aroma oils it will refresh and care for the skin while composing your mood.

'Travel is one of my biggest passions and there's always a particular memory that stands out from each trip. It typically comes when I'm reflecting on the day, with a wonderful cup of the local brew after something special has happened. T London are my memories expressed through fragrance: the bright positivity of the Darjeeling hills. The easy balance of the Dimbula mountains and the adrenaline of the Argentinean plains ' it's the way the light falls, the sounds, the landscape, textures and aromas' Aroma is such an amazing thing, you can almost paint with it. It conjures memories and gives you space to escape to ' to pause, reset and move on. We take all this into the mix to leave you feeling recharged and ready for the next adventure. I hope you enjoy the ride!' Jayne ' Founder of T London.

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