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5 Reasons To Choose Fragrance Oils

5 Reasons To Choose Fragrance Oils
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Fragrance oils are really having a moment right now. Used in scented candles, perfumes and much more, these oils are great for creating unique, natural scents that can have positive effects on your mood and mindset. If you haven’t done so already, it might be time to shake up your perfume ritual by swapping out your typical sprays for some fragrance oils instead.

Candle fragrance oils are also very effective when used to create sweet-smelling scented products. Check out our oils and diffusers range, where you can find lots of great fragrance items.

Read on to discover five great reasons to choose fragrance oils. We’ll also recommend some great products along the way to try out for yourself.

You get your money’s worth

With alcohol-based perfumes, much of the scent gets lost in the air when sprayed, instead of clinging to the skin. With perfume oils, the scent is applied straight to the skin, so you don’t lose out on any of the fragrant goodness, and definitely get your money’s worth!

You might also be pleased to know that perfume oils typically have a longer shelf life than spray fragrance alternatives, so they’ll last you a good while.

Fancy trying out a new fragrance? We recommend the Elemis Embrace perfume oil for a truly uplifting experience. Made up of a rich blend of eleven pure essential oils including frankincense and rose, this scent will leave you feeling refreshed and beautiful.

They’re less overpowering

Although perfume oils contain a high concentration of ingredients which make them very rich, they’re less likely to leave behind a strong trail of scent. If you’re the kind of person who likes to give off a nice aroma without flaunting your fragrance, perfume oils are definitely for you.

Perfume oils sit very close to the skin, meaning they emit a gentle scent, detectable only by those standing very close to you. To put it simply, they’re less likely to leave behind an overbearing cloud of fragrance for all to smell. This is great if you work in an office environment and are after a much more refined fragrance.

Try out the Alyssa Ashley musk perfume oil for a wonderful aroma you’ll want to show off every day. Featuring top notes of bergamot and middle notes of rose, ylang-ylang, iris and jasmine, it’s fresh, contemporary and mysterious.

They’re highly moisturising

One of the best reasons to choose fragrance oils is that they’re good for the skin. Unlike alcohol-based diluted perfumes, lots of these nifty little perfumes contain essential oils and natural ingredients, meaning they’re highly moisturising, last a long time, and are unlikely to cause any skin irritation.

Alcohol-based perfumes tend to strip the skin of natural oils when they evaporate and spread fragrance through the air, which is not the case for oil-based perfumes. Perfume oils lock in moisture instead, which is great news for those of us with dry, sensitive skin.

For a truly invigorating perfume oil, try the Elemis Clarity fragrance. Featuring a unique blend of six essential oils including ginger and bitter orange, this oil has multiple mood-boosting benefits. The natural ingredients used in this product are fantastic for clearing the mind and sharpening concentration, creating an all-round pleasant experience when applied to the skin.

They create a personalised scent unique to the wearer

One of the great things about perfume oils is that no two scents are the same! When applied to the skin, these oils work in harmony with the body’s chemistry to produce a completely unique fragrance to the wearer.

As you get on with your day and your body temperature naturally increases, perfume oils tend to get stronger and more potent, too. With fragrance oils, you’re also free to mix and match to create the perfect scent for you, which is all the more reason to give them a go.

They last a long time

Unlike traditional alcohol-based fragrances, perfume oils do not evaporate off the skin, meaning they last a long time once applied and absorbed. The concentration of ingredients in fragrance oils is also much higher and more undiluted than in spray perfumes, so a little really does go a long way.

Generally speaking, most fragrance oils come packaged with rollerball applicators, meaning it’s very easy to apply just the right quantity wherever you like without having to worry about wasting any. Perfume oils are also super easy to pop into your handbag and take with you wherever you go, which is an added bonus. Whether you’re on the way to work or heading out for a couple of cocktails, they’re very handy to have nearby.

Thank you for reading, we hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Come and take a look at the incredible fragrance and beauty brands we stock!

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