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Your Heatwave Survival Kit Has Landed

Your Heatwave Survival Kit Has Landed
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Your makeup’s melting off, you can’t stop sweating and turning your electric fan off just isn’t an option - the British summer has officially arrived. Fear no more, we’re here to provide all of the heatwave essentials you need to survive this summer. From cooling mists to SPF saviours, we’ve got you covered… 

The Organic Pharmacy Sun Cream SPF 50

Whether it’s cold and rainy or bright and sunny, SPF should always be a priority in your skincare routine. SPF is vital for protecting you from getting sunburnt but also helps protect you against damaging UVA and UVB rays, which could lead to early signs of ageing. Our top pick for this summer is The Organic Pharmacy’s Sun Cream SPF 50. This incredible product includes zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to help prevent sunburn and if used as directed, it can also decrease the risk of skin cancer too. 

MADARA Herbal Deodorant

It goes without saying that warm weather and deodorant go hand in hand, that’s why we want to introduce you to MADARA’s Herbal Deodorant. The very first of the brand's deodorant and now an award-winning bestseller. It’s quick-drying formula with northern sage and natural minerals reduces odour and provides freshness all day long. This quick absorbing deodorant will leave your underarms feeling fresh, clean and stain-free!

Lancaster Sun Sport Cooling Invisible Body Mist

Whether you’ve just finished a quick run or you're simply just can’t handle the summer heat, there’s nothing more satisfying than a quick spritz of a body mist to cool you down. Discover Lancaster’s Sport Cooling Invisible Body Mist. This fast-drying mist is water and sweat resistant. It features a high protection formula that protects the skin from all four types of sun rays and can even be applied onto wet skin, making it the perfect sun protection product for anyone with an active lifestyle.

Ultrasun After Sun

Spent a little too long in the sun and burnt your skin? We’ve all been there! Ultrasuns After Sun has you covered. Repair and protect your skin after a day spent in the sun with the Ultrasun After Sun gel-lotion. The lightweight, caring formula is an ideal way to cool and soothe the face and the body following prolonged sun exposure, as it infuses skin with essential lipids. Liposomal SOD activates the skin's biological repair system, and works to slowly rebuild the body's defences. The airless pump dispenser prevents the After Sun from contamination, which is ideal for sensitive skin.

Love Beauty And Planet Rapid Reset Sheet Mask

Sheet masks are a great way to cool off after a long, hot day whilst also infusing your skin with the moisture it needs. Our fave right now is the Love Beauty and Planet Reset Sheet Mask. Infused with Australian tea tree oil, known to detoxify, and vetiver from Haiti, for an earthy refined scent, Love Beauty and Planet’s Rapid Reset Sheet Mask helps neutralise the effects of pollution on your skin whilst leaving it revived and soft. What's more, Love Beauty And Planet sheet masks are made from biodegradable materials, which are both soft on your skin and kind to the planet. Are you in?

Thank you for reading, we hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Come and take a look at the incredible fragrance and beauty brands we stock! 

Fragrance Direct Blog
Writer and expert
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