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Pregnancy Beauty Essentials

Pregnancy Beauty Essentials
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If you're expecting a baby, it can be an exciting time! As the mum-to-be, it can also throw things you've previously taken for granted into question. From the food you eat to the beauty products you use, pregnancy can feel like a walk in unchartered territory.

In actual fact, your beauty regime is one area of your life that's worth revisiting when you're expecting. For one, your skin often changes during pregnancy. You may find new areas of sensitivity, or you may decide to avoid certain ingredients. One example is parabens. Many pregnant women choose natural beauty products for their own peace of mind during this special time. Regardless of your choice, here are a few little tweaks that will pay off as your pregnancy progresses.

Taking care of your bump

Your growing bump will require some TLC if you want to avoid stretch marks. Moisturising daily post-bath or shower is the best way to keep your skin supple as it slowly stretches to accommodate your lovely baby.

Favourite tried and tested products include Bio Oil's Treatment with Purcellin Oil, made to soothe sensitive skin and nourish. Alternatively, a rich body butter can be a brilliant way of adding essential moisture around your bump area. We especially like Pacifica's deep nourishing Tuscan Blood Orange Body Butter.

Bath Oils

Health professionals are keen to note that hot baths are a big no-no in pregnancy. But as long as you keep the water temperature comfortably warm, at around blood heat, you can get a lot of relief from soaking your limbs before you get ready for bed.

Adding your favourite bath oil can add to the relaxation experience, but just be extra careful with slippery surfaces as you get in and out of the tub. Try indulgent products like E45's Emollient Bath Oil. Finishing with a natural body scrub like Elemis's Frangipani Salt Glow Body Scrub will leave you feeling utterly revived.

Refreshing leg gels

One thing's for sure, as you get bigger, your legs and hips will feel achy and tired. It's a natural side effect of that added weight you're carrying around, but that doesn't mean you have to suffer in silence.

To give you a bit of relief, smother on products like Yves Rocher's Light Legs Fresh Gel at the end of the day. Or, Guinot's Gel Jambes Legeres Soothing Gel For Legs. Gels like this are designed to re-energise and cool your skin, which is just what you need before you climb into bed.

Refreshed skincare

Although everyone's heard of the 'pregnancy glow', not many people are aware of the skin complaints that can come hand-in-hand with pregnancy. These can include increased sensitivity, dryness, redness and acne.

As scary as this might sound, there are some gorgeous products designed to soothe issues like these. If you want to go down the natural route, you can select vegan and healthy-living products too. Some of our favourite products from brands like this include Yves Rocher's Purifying Cleansing Gel for its non-greasy, non-drying formula, and Natio's Daily Protection Face Moisturiser with SPF15.

Fragrance Direct Blog
Writer and expert
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