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The Skincare Benefits Of Coffee

The Skincare Benefits Of Coffee
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Well we are all fuelled by coffee' Who doesn't love an espresso in the mornings, a quick catch up over a cappuccino or a salted caramel latte mid afternoon. However, they are way more benefits to coffee that we didn't even realise. The coffee lovers among us have even more reason to rejoice, it has numerous benefits for the skin too! It's a great source of antioxidants

Caffeine contains natural antioxidants, which is why it is a common ingredient found in skincare products. The environment is full of free radicals (pollutants etc.) that can really damage the skin. Loading up the skin with the antioxidants in coffee protects and gives your natural defences a boost. Antioxidants fight premature skin aging so make sure you're slathering on those coffee based products!

The antioxidant benefits also extend to your hair and body too! Hair masks containing coffee will help prevent breakage and enhance shine. Coffee body scrubs use the natural coarseness of coffee beans to slough away dead skin cells.

The natural caffeine found in coffee has be known to contract blood vessels, reducing redness and visible inflammation. This is why coffee is found in many eye cream, cellulite creams and body scrubs. It will help reduce dark circles and draw out excess fluid from under the eye area.

Enhances blood circulation

Coffee can play a crucial role in promoting blood circulation which in turn leads to healthy and energised skin. When your blood is circulating your body effectively it reduces the swelling of tissues and therefore any puffy areas of your face (or body) will be minimised. This ties back into the benefits of coffee restricting blood flow to certain areas.

Tightens the skin

Coffee is a diuretic therefore it draws fluid away from fat cells. So any creams, serums and scrubs containing coffee will help minimise the visibility of cellulite, essentially dehydrating the fat cells. This then shrinks their size giving a tighten effect on the skin, therefore perfect for using on areas you struggle with cellulite or if you just want to tighten the skin on your face!

It will leave you glowing

Coffee plays a crucial role in cell regrowth, it signals your tissues to repair themselves. This then leads to retained hydration which increases collagen and skin elasticity! Coupled with the enhanced circulation your skin is going to look fresh, bright and glowing!

These are our favourite beauty products containing coffee:

Scrub Love Coffee Scrub £12.95Anatomicals Glows Thanks to Joe Coffee Salt Scrub £10.00U.S. Apothecary Coffee & Vanilla Bean Clay Face Mask £25.50Cougar Caffeine Enriched Hyaluronic Acid Facial Oil Gift Set £19.00Man Cave Caffeine Shave Gel £6.50

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