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Honey Reviews

Honey Reviews
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Marc Jacobs Honey arrived at Fragrance Direct a month ago and since then, it's been a sure hit with our customers. Beauty bloggers and Youtubers have been raving about it before it even hit the virtual shelves. We predicted Honey would be a fragrance winner and we've been proven right!

Thankfully Honey is back in stock! With a fresh batch sitting ready for you to try, we thought we'd enlist the help of our elite blogging team to give you an insight into why it's just that good. So, who's first?

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Avia from The Sparkelicious

Truth be told I have never been one of those women who has a classic signature scent. I love so many fragrances that I find it impossible to only pick one, and I'm a huge believer in your fragrance being season appropriate. I love sweet, heavy and slightly spicy fragrances in the winter, and fresh, light ones in summer time, so that's what I'm here to talk to you about today.

I have been a fan of Marc Jacob's fragrances for years, the first one I ever used was what my mother use to wear, I believe it was called Rain, and that was just what it smelt like, pure and fresh. Then I moved on to Lola and Daisy, and it didn't hurt that the packaging on the last two was pretty amazing too, which brings me to the latest addition: Honey.

Honey is described as a fruity and floral fragrance with key notes of pear, orange blossom and honey and has that distinctive Marc Jacobs look. When I first tested this, I was surprised how fresh it smelt, and how little it actually had that sweet honey scent, which i'm not a fan of in the warmer months. Honey smells very light and fresh and I would say the most noticeable note in the fragrance is pear, which I adore as it's so light and summery!

Once it settles on the skin it's very subtle and feminine, and ever-so-slightly more grown-up than the likes of Lola and Daisy. I find it lasts longer on the skin too. In terms of the packaging, the box is a super cute bright yellow polka dot design that looks fun and young, and the bottle itself is a classic shape, that has that added MJ cuteness to it, in the form of the stripy flowers and gold hardware.

Julie from Raining Cake

As a fan of Marc Jacobs fragrances, you can imagine my excitement when they decided to release another scent to follow on from the success of the previous ones. All of them have a firm place in my heart for different reasons and Honey is definitely joining the group as a solid contender.

Housed in the most gorgeous polka dot bottle with a design that resembles bumble bee's, it has a light, fruity edge, with a sweet and fresh scent. Honey is one of those perfumes that can be worn day or night, thanks to its ability to stay soft without being too overpowering. These days, I look for fragrances with versatility and Honey definitely fits the bill.

Will you be trying out Honey?

Ella from HelloEllaxo

I have always been a fan of perfumes by Marc Jacobs. I recently ran out of Oh Lola which was quite a fruity fragrance. The bottles are so well designed and easy on the eye (definitely the best looking perfumes!), with the bonus of being appropriate for any occasion.

Their latest perfume 'Honey' is my new favorite out of all the Marc Jacobs range, It's very sunny and happy with the sweet scent that reminds me of summer! I sprayed it once on myself and now everywhere I go I can still smell it. It's a real summer fragrance and really worth the price, again perfect for a gift.

So there you have it! Honey is gathering up quite a large fan base. If you're a Marc Jacobs fan and want to try the new Honey scent, you can find it here!

Fragrance Direct Blog
Writer and expert
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