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How To Combat Jetlag Skin

How To Combat Jetlag Skin
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We all suffer when we travel long haul across the globe, jet lag is known for making us tired, disorientated and overall pretty rubbish. But many of us notice after a flight our skin can often flare up or dry out so we are here to get you through Jetlag skin which will overall help fight that rubbishy feeling.

This is due to the recirculated air and lack of sleep. When sitting in flight the cabin is full of recirculated air which will have very low humidity which means your skin will dry out the longer you are in there. Your cortisol levels and stress hormones will increase but the amount of oxygen getting to your skin is also affected which means your skin barrier function is working less efficiently.

We all know a lack of sleep will have a negative affect on your skin as pH levels are reduced which means you can become dull in colour and less youthful. You’re sleep pattern when jetlagged can’t massively be helped but if you make sure you are eating fruit and vegetables to give you all the nutrients and bring a hydrating facial mask with you for either on the plane or when you are off the plane this will help compensate.

Products you want to equip yourself with would firstly be a Rich Moisturiser. The ingredient rose is great for brightening complexion and leaving it silky soft so the highly recommended Double Rose Rejuvenating Cream by The Organic Pharmacy would be perfect for keeping your skin hydrated and youthful.

While travelling you will want to lock in moisture so it can with hold the harsher environment when flying, using a SPF cream will stop any moisture escaping. The Garnier Ambre Solaire Sensitive Advanced Lotion would be a multifunctional one to have with you with SPF 50 it gives you the highest sun protection but is suitable for fair and sensitive skin making it better suited to your face.

Taking a hydrating face mask with you will help with the intense dryness while on the flight or immediately after. The Decleor Skin Perfecting Hydrating Sleeping Mask will reduce the appearance of dark circles and refine your skins texture, this will help counteract on the harshness of air-circulation. Leave a thin layer on your face throughout the night.

Travelling with a good eye cream is always a wonder tool Dermalogica are renowned for their eye creams, there Intensive Eye Repair will target dehydration with its rich formula with will replenish phytonutrients that helps with elasticity and texture, overall taking away tried appearance and premature aging.

Lastly before travelling, drink plenty of water or coconut water, stay away from alcohol and make sure you have cleansed your skin, so it is clean because breakouts occur when flying. This is usually due to a factor of reasons either your lack off sleep, bad food, stress etc but if you are not prone to breakouts very often it is because oil gets trapped under the top layer of your skin this is due to your skin completely drying out on the surface which causes your glands oil production to overdrive. With the oil getting trapped blackheads, inflammations and breakouts will occur so wash your face pre-flight, the Ren Clean Skincare Cleansing Gel leaves skin clean but not stripped removing oil, dirt and pollution so this is a great affordable product to use all the time.

For anyone travelling we hope you have a good trip! But don’t let your skin suffer.

Fragrance Direct Blog
Writer and expert
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