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Halloween How To’s

Halloween How To’s
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As the nights draw in and the weather turns colder, the witching hour of October 31st inches ever closer. Halloween is a huge day in the fancy dress calendar, but it no longer belongs to the half-hearted witch, 'sexy' cat or blood-soaked bat. That's right ' women are doing Halloween with more enthusiasm than ever, but nowadays, it's all about the glamour rather than the ghouls. Here at fragrance direct we are collaborated with Pauls Hair World to create some fabulous Halloween looks. To create a look that incorporates Halloween trends while still remaining suitable for a night out, we've invited some fab beauty bloggers to try out 4 make-up tutorials that embody all things trick-or-treat. Easily achievable and high impact, these looks are a quick fix for all partygoers, whether you're going for full costume or simple want to jazz up a normal outfit. As shown by the bloggers we've chosen, these alter-egos are appropriate for all skin tones, making best use of everyday cosmetics over expensive fancy dress make-up. With a few simple items and our tips below, you'll be a Hallo-queen in no time!

We'd like to introduce our bloggers... Miss Budget Beauty @msbudgetbeauty's Mikhila is on a mission to prove that cosmetics don't have to cost the earth. As well as her blog, she runs three different YouTube channels and co-edits lifestyle blog Style On Toast. This girl knows her lipsticks!The Camera's Lying Started in 2011, @heyamyjane's love of photography, films and reading blends with her passion for beauty products on The Camera's Lying. Partial to a Netflix documentary with a good cup of tea, Amy is currently a philosophy student.The Black Pearl Blog When not looking after her son Zachary, Glasgow blogger Sandra (@TheBlackPearlB) is writing about skincare, DIY and make-up for The Black Pearl Blog. A certified face-cream addict, her passion for writing is clearly embodied in her glamorous run-downs of all things pretty.She Might Be Loved Georgina is a nearly 20-year-old, self-taught make-up artist that created She Might Be Loved, a blog for all things beauty and plus-size Fashion. She loves nothing more than making herself look unrecognisable with makeup. She's also a big social media user ' follow her make-up creations on Of Beauty and Nothingness Prolific scribbler Heather blogs about beauty, fashion and lifestyle for Of Beauty and Nothingness. She also writes for Bitchy Online, Hype, Sewlomax and Popbasic. Amazingly, she also finds time to tweet ' say hello at @ofbeautyand.xAmeliax Amelia is a 'glass half full' girl from the heart of England, with an eclectic lifestyle blog and Youtube channel. She has a penchant for beauty, good food, crafty bits and a nice glass of fizz, living life's little adventures' one day at a time!Ginger Girl Says Ginger Girl Says is where the loves, loathes and purchases of @misscharl come together with a side of sass and a dose of laughter. If the UK did a budget version of Carrie Bradshaw, this is where you'd find her (but with better hair and less shoes).Of Beauty and Nothingness Prolific scribbler Heather blogs about beauty, fashion and lifestyle for Of Beauty and Nothingness. She also writes for Bitchy Online, Hype, Sewlomax and Popbasic. Amazingly, she also finds time to tweet ' say hello at @ofbeautyand.


A fancy-dress classic, the vampire has been rolled out time and time again, the go-to option for those who lack inspiration. But this year we're not talking Twilight or True Blood; this is vampires re-vamped, oozing with sex appeal and ready to bite. Modelled by Amy of The Camera's Lying and Heather from Of Beauty and Nothingness, Lady Vamp is a timeless look that will require very few touch ups throughout the night. Here are some recommendations to keep in mind when attempting the look for yourself: No vampire look is complete without a blood drained face, so rid the glow from yours with a pale foundation and/or blended powder. Charles of the Ritz Powder in 'Soft Pink' or 'Pink Sand' is the perfect way to achieve a truly freshly-out-of-the-coffin look. Keep eyes sultry but severe with smoky tones, heavily applied under perfectly groomed brows.

Colorsport's Eyes and Brow Kit will ensure that your arches are firmly in place, adding a much needed 'hardness' to the look. To balance out the rest of the face, Calvin Klein's Delicious Luxury Creme Lipstick is a must ' choose between 'Eros', 'Victorious' and 'Dangerous' to add a touch of femininity to your otherwise colourless pallor.


Sassy and stylish, the Urban Witch is a hip and modern take on the long-established tradition of straggly locks, warts and pointed hats. Easily worn from day to night, the best part of this look is that it accommodates any colour scheme, so go wild with your make up drawer! Our broomsticked blogger Mikhila of Miss Budget Beauty went for beautiful purple shades with her look, but don't be afraid to experiment with colours that flatter your skin tone. To see your own Urban Witch blossom in front of the mirror, follow our handy hints: To allow the colour to come into its own, the Urban Witch needs a stark base. We'd recommend a porcelain foundation or cream power, applied and blended generously. Maxfactor Panstick comes in plenty of shades to achieve a suitable strong finish.

Next it's time to work in the colour. The Urban Witch look is meant to be fun, so blend your shades until you have a two (or even three) tone-effect. Experiment with different swirls and patterns until you're happy, but make sure to focus on deep shades that are befitting of the darkness of Halloween. Glo Minerals' Alloy Eyes Collection or NYC's Sparkle Dust are the perfect hues for aspiring witches. Finish off with a dark lip liner, shocking red lip and some quirky nails' you'll be ready to master some serious spell work in no time.


Much like her Marvel namesake, Poison Ivy is all about power, strength and a bold attitude. To avoid looking sickly, flatter the traditional greens associated with ivy with bright pops of pink, blue and purple, transforming the creepy into a couture-worth look. Bloggers Amelia and She Might Be Loved's Georgina gave her own interpretation some serious shimmer, which you can channel for yourself with these guidelines:

As with the previous looks, start with a white base. L'Oreal's White Perfect Pearl Foundation or Maxfactor Panstick will provide a ghostly, sheer coverage that will withstand the application of colour.

Ditch the solid green usually associated with poison ivy in favour of a mix of powerful brights. To get the most for your money, we'd recommend purchasing a multi-coloured palette: Evie Mai's Silk Collection or Manhattan's Super Nova Shadow blend well and help personalise the look. When it comes to lips, the choice is yours. Pack a punch with Ultra Glow's Magic Lips Illusion, or plump for a pretty pastel like L'Oreal's Glam Shine Lip Gloss. Both colours will turn heads, but a more subtle shade will help make the eyes look extra-dramatic. If you've gone to town on your peepers, consider opting for the lower-key lip to avoid looking too cartoonish. For your hair, try a fabulous Long Red Halloween Wig and you'll soon be ready to entice party-goers into your dangerous clutches. To go that extra mile we love the addition of Mesmereyz 1 Day Contact Lenses for a sexy spooky addition to the Poison Ivy look.


Natalie Portman's cinematic depiction of the Black Swan was one of the most chilling looks of 2010, but it still manages to retain an air of striking elegance four years later. Sandra of The Black Pearl Blog and Charl from Ginger Girl Says channel this look brilliantly, making sure to focus on the stark contrast between a white base and the bold, flick-eyes. Here's how you can steal their style for yourself:

Apply a bright white base to ensure that all your other make-up stands out. A great starting point is L'Oreal's White Perfect Pearl Foundation, in the shade 'Apricot Ivory'. A full pale face will ensure that those famous Black Swan eyes pop. To achieve them, mix shades of grey and black eyeshadow, accompanied by a strong black eyeliner to create the characteristic flick-eyed look. Used sparingly, a white eyeliner will act as a contrast, picking out details around the eyes.

To complete the look, make sure to keep lips bold and dark. A rich, deep plum or Blackberry shade will keep the look strong whilst still adding a pop of colour. All six shades of Bobbi Brown lip colour would work well, but our favourite is Blackberry. Then finally tame your locks into a tight top knot and brush through with Gold Glitter Hairspray for some added glamour. Don your best tutu, and you're ready to dance!

Mastered your make-up in time for Halloween? We want to see your best interpretation of these four looks. Tweet us at @FragranceDirect and use the hashtag #FDHalloween.
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