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The Boyfriend Buys

The Boyfriend Buys
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Let's throw our hands up and admit that buying presents is stressful. There's nothing quite like the feeling of giving a loved one a present; it feels even better than receiving one! But the pressure to find that all important gift comes down heavy, especially around Christmas.

If you're anything like me, shopping for your boyfriend is frightening. They don't like to give hints, they say they don't want 'anything' and if there is something they have their eye on, they buy it for themselves! So not only is this frightening, it's somewhat infuriating too.

But we can't stay mad for long. We just need to put our thinking caps on and go back to our roots for what we think might put a smile on their face. I don't know about you, but I think treating your boyfriend to his favourite fragrance or a new Eau de Toilette is a more personal gift than you think.

You can never have too many fragrances. Although your boyfriend may already have his favourite, no one is ever really disappointed with a new addition to their collection. If he already has a favourite day scent then why not opt for an evening fragrance that will fit in with special occasions?

Beckham Classic
Beckham Classic Eau de Toilette

Classic is the newest fragrance from the Beckham collection. This is a stylish fragrance that was inspired by David's love of all things clothing. We have to admit that the man does know how to dress and as a matter of fact, he knows how to make a darn good fragrance as well. This is a modern scent that entices the senses with its citrus and spicy base. Classic is more of a scent for the younger generation however, it isn't overpowering and like the name suggests, it could easily become his 'classic' fragrance.

Davidoff The Game
Davidoff The Game Gift Set

Gift sets are great for this time of year because if you do happen to find his new favourite fragrance then having a few added extras can never go a miss. Davidoff The Game Gift Set contains the new fragrance from Davidoff complete with a hair and body wash, which are both lightly scented with The Game Eau de Toilette. This distinct scent contains notes of gin and juniper berry which create a fresh and sophisticated fragrance which can be adapted for day or night. Did I mention the packaging is majorly cool as well? Designed in the style of poker chips, your boyfriend can gamble big with this Davidoff The Game Gift Set.

Giorgio Armani Luxury Fragrance
Giorgio Armani Luxury Fragrance Collection For Men

What's better than receiving a fragrance at Christmas? Try four of them. Giorgio Armani have released their luxury fragrance collection just in time for the festive season. Giorgio Armani fragrances are classic scents that are trusted by Armani fans around the globe. This set is perfect if your boyfriend wants to switch up his everyday scent. He can easily cater his fragrance to an occasion or event with these four scents which include Armani Sport Code, Acqua Di Gio, Armani Diamonds for Men and Armani Code. Small enough take on the go, this fragrance collection will see him well through the New Year.

YSL L'Homme
YSL L'Homme Anti Fatigue Booster

This YSL L'Homme Anti Fatigue Booster is a great Christmas gift if your boyfriend cares about his skincare. I think there's a common misconception that men don't care about their skin but I don't think we could be more wrong. Although he might not like to admit it, he'll probably genuinely thank you for treating him to something he may not want to buy for himself. This YSL skin product works to refresh the face during application, leaving his skin feeling instantly invigorated.

Tigi bedhead player set
Tigi Bed Head Player Set

Give him the full treatment with this Tigi Bed Head Player Set which has everything he could need to nourish his hair. This set includes a shampoo, conditioner and a workable wax, meaning his hair is set to look immaculate for the foreseeable future! Technically he isn't a player but he doesn't need to be to rock a stylish head of hair.

What are you buying your boyfriend this Christmas? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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