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Julienne Brow Cushion

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Juliete Melouney's father Raymon, founded Lee-Chem Laboratories in 1962, and as a dedicated family man, he named his first brand after his daughter. There was always something special about Julienne. Strong, beautiful and always dependable, Julienne claimed her place in the cosmetic world, happily welcomed into pharmacies and professional salons.

Born in Durban, Julienne is truly international, and despite her successes she has always remained true to her values – a passion for helping women feel good about themselves, with a range of innovative but affordable products that will always be Cruelty-Free. And now, Julienne is celebrating a major makeover. Swooping her down-to-earth image for a more elegant and sophisticated look, Julienne is now the definitive eyebrow brand. The tried and trusted tint is now leading the way with the latest cosmetic trends – and the latest technology.

Julienne is more beautiful than ever. Her stunning rose gold and white packaging is home to 4 innovative products - her ever-popular tints (an unchanged, winning formulation), the convenient and easy-to-use brow pencil (an essential in any makeup bag), a sophisticated glide-on pomade (unsurpassed for beautiful, dramatic brows) and her cutting-edge brow cushion, perfect for naturally stunning eyebrows – and a South African first!

With a range of colours to suit all skin tones and an assortment of brow products and tools, Julienne is poised to fulfil her ambition to make South Africa more beautiful, one eyebrow at a time!

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