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The Exact Order You Should Be Applying Your Skincare

The Exact Order You Should Be Applying Your Skincare
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How much attention do you pay to not only the skincare products you’re using but which order you apply them? Applying your skincare in the correct order will make a huge difference to the outcome and we’re showing you exactly how. Follow us from AM to PM on your journey to clearer, more radiant-looking skin!

Super Facialist Firming Daily Brightening Cleanser 150ml, £8.99

Step One: Cleanser

One of the best things you can do for your skin is cleansing, AM and PM. This Daily Brightening Cleanser is carefully formulated with anti-ageing goodness to ensure that your skin is left thoroughly cleansed and feeling rejuvenated. Calcium and Copper minerals will help to renew your skin whilst antioxidant Mango seed oil and nourishing Sunflower seed oil will help to deliver optimum cleansing benefits.

Dermalogica Clear Start FlashFoliant 100ml, £18.95

Step Two: Exfoliator

Exfoliating is a vital step to help buff the skin to it’s healthiest most polished self. This leave-on, flash-foaming chemical exfoliant by Dermalogica helps clear and prevent breakouts while brightening skin. Salicylic Acid, a Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA), helps wipe out existing and future breakouts to clear skin while Tangerine Peel Extract brightens dull skin while Grape Extract –a potent source of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) –exfoliates dead skin cells to help even skin tone.

Garnier Organic Thyme Perfecting Toner 150ml, £4.50

Step Three: Toner

Next up is removing excess oil and tackling ever-ongoing congestion to give your pores an intense cleanout. Garnier’s Organic Thyme Perfecting Toner is formulated with Organic Thyme Essential Oil, Organic Barley Water and Salicylic Acid. This daily-use toner purifies and mattifies the skin, making pores appear tightened and your skin's texture appear refined. Once your skin is dry from cleansing and exfoliating, you can apply your toner by placing it in your palms and patting into the skin or by taking a cotton pad and sweeping over your face.

The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Glow Mask 75ml, £15.99

Step Four: Face Mask

To get that next step further, a face mask will help to absorb further excess oil and will help to control the shine of your skin too. Refine and revive your skin with The Boy Shop’s Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask. Inspired by Ayurvedic traditions, this 100% vegan tingling clay mask is infused with bamboo charcoal, green tea leaves and organic tea tree oil. This invigorating charcoal face mask draws out impurities and refines the appearance of pores for healthy-looking skin with a glow that shows.

YOUTH LAB Restoring Serum 30ml, £31.95

Step Five: Serum

Serums are the one type of product you’ve heard about and may have even tried samples here and there in gift sets, but they really are packed with some of the best hydrating goodness. This Restoring Serum from YOUTH LAB is an anti-ageing serum that enhances the synthesis of the skin’s structural components. It restores its radiance and brightness, leaving the skin more elastic, smoother and firmer.

Philosophy Anti-Aging Mircale Worker+ Day Cream 60ml, £46.95

Step Six: Moisturiser

Finally, to lock in all of that skincare goodness, a luxurious moisturiser is a must-have! Did you know that in addition to environmental stressors, psychological stress can also impair skin functioning and contribute to the acceleration of skin ageing? Philosophy created this incredibly comprehensive product to help regenerate the look of skin in just 1 week, smooth out lines and wrinkles, and act like a de-stressor for your skin. Don’t forget to apply AM and PM!

Thank you for reading, we hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Come and take a look at the incredible fragrance and beauty brands we stock!

Fragrance Direct Blog
Writer and expert
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