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The Anti-Pollution Beauty Edit

The Anti-Pollution Beauty Edit
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There’s plenty of research that links pollution and toxic air with premature ageing and skin concerns. With pollution and global warming both huge environmental topics at the moment and it makes sense that we should be considering the impact that these are having on our skin.

Pollution is packed with DNA-damaging free radicals, these impact on your skin’s protective barrier which leads to redness, sensitivity and inflammation, while in the long term, these toxins lead to dullness, fine lines and a gradual decline in elasticity. Small particle matter can penetrate deep into the pores and cause oxidative stress and early ageing.

Thankfully, there’s a whole host of ways to protect your skin from pollution and many skincare products these days work super hard to remove damaging particles and keep your skin looking clear, glowy and youthful.

Anti-pollution skincare is made with a blend of potent antioxidants that help to counteract the free radicals in the air and shield your skin against their damaging effects. Products that are rich in SPF’s, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are the best anti-pollutants. Keep reading to check out our favourite products…

Decleor Hydra Floral Anti-Pollution Hydrating Cream

The Hydra Floral Hydrating Rich Cream is a gorgeous rich product that mimics a plant’s remarkable hydration process and ensure you stay fresh faced all day. This moisturiser works to keep the skin hydrated which helps to enable the skin to fight off damaging particles.

REN Clean Skincare Flash Defence Anti-Pollution Mist

This is a non-greasy mist that is infused with biosaccharide gum, zinc and manganese amino acids from wakame seaweed and designed to protect your skin from damage by free radicals and environmental aggressors. This can be used by all skin types, you just need to spritz is all over your skin after you’ve applied makeup and you can even top up throughout the day.

Skin Academy Indulge Anti-Pollution Serum Sheet Mask

This sheet mask helps you create a barrier against pollution and external factors by using a concentrated serum, enriched with green tea and tea tree. This mask deeply cleanses, soothes and protects the skin against environmental factors leaving your complexion looking brighter and refreshed!

Dermalogica Phyto-Nature Firming Serum

This dual-phase serum restores and preserves the nature of younger-looking skin by reducing the appearance of premature skin ageing. In the firming phase, biomimetic peptides help firm the skin and reinforce skin defences to counteract signs of free radical damage.

Clarins Anti-Pollution Cleansing Milk

This cleansing milk smooths away makeup and impurities with a spa-like efficiency. The blend of purifying plant extracts including Gentian, Hawthorn and Stage help to rebalance oily prone skin for optimum comfort and radiance. It leaves skin feeling soft, supple and perfectly refreshed whilst also protecting against free radicals.

Dermalogica Barrier Repair

This is a waterless moisturiser that helps fortify sensitised skin and damaged barriers. Use it after toning to help shield against environmental and internal triggers that cause skin stress. It contains an UltraCalming Complex to interrupt inflammatory triggers that can lead to sensitive skin.

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Writer and expert
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