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Sun Creams For All Skin Types

Sun Creams For All Skin Types
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We all know we should be wearing SPF daily but how many of us really take that seriously?

With cases of melanoma skin cancer predicted to rise by 7% in the UK by 2035 we must protect ourselves and spread awareness. There is no excuse in todays world to not wear sun cream when we have all the knowledge about sun damage. With summer holidays booked now is the time to stock up on sun cream and if you don’t use SPF daily you should look for a product to add to your routine that will give you that protection.

Here’s are a range of the best sun creams for all skin types:

Our first favourite is from the trusted sun care brand Lancaster. The Oil-free 15 SPF Milky Spray is a high-quality protection great for everyday with its non-sticky formula which dries quickly making it super easy to apply when wearing clothes. It combines UVA/UVB protection with new infrared technology to give you the best protection while maintaining firmness and elasticity. This is a multi-function product which is great for everyday or holidays.

Our next recommendation is the Piz Buin In Sun Ultra Light Sun Spray with 30 SPF this is another spray on tan with UVA/UVB sun protection. This is sweat and water resistant non greasy formula which will keep your skin hydrated while enhancing your skins own natural tanning process. This is a little bottle perfect to carry round with you for days at the beach or city breaks.

Another recommendation that is great for moisturising the skin and keeping you hydrated while having SPF 30 is the Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration sun lotion. This is a fresh smelling, unique dual ribbon formula which combines protection and moisture. This is a budget friendly but effective product in an easy to carry bottle perfect for any holidays.

Our next product is perfect for those who have fair skin, suffer with prickly heat or if you are heading to a super-hot destination this year and need extra protection, the Australian Gold SPF 50 High Protection Lotion would be one to pick. This is an exotic blend of sunflower, tea tree and olive fruit oils giving you maximum hydration which protecting you from UVA/UVB rays. This is a reasonably valued 237ml bottle which will last when you’re away. All the Australian gold products apply easily and have a fresh scent, they also have bronzed sun lotions if you feel you need a little colour.

If you prefer an oil to a lotion, then the Malibu range is one to look for. Their Dry Oil is 30 SPF so giving you that great coverage but drying instantly. It’s an easy to apply, vitamin enriched spray in the 100ml bottle so can go in your handbag for any occasion. This product is an absolute steel at Fragrance Direct and even if you are not going on holiday get one now to have handy for any sunshine we get here in the UK.

Lastly, this recommendation is for those of you who have sensitive skin especially around your face. It can be hard to find a sun cream that doesn’t irritate or cause inflammation because sun creams naturally have more chemicals to give UV protection but the Ultrasun High Sun Protection for sensitive skin is an incredible product with no perfume, preservatives, mineral oils, octocrylene or ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate. This is a high protection product with SPF 30 and absorbs easily when applied.

Fragrance Direct Blog
Writer and expert
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