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SPF Hacks We Can’t Live Without

SPF Hacks We Can’t Live Without
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Love it or loathe it, sunscreen is an absolute must over the warmer months. While you might not rejoice at the thought of adding another product into your daily regime, sunscreen plays a key role in the health and overall appearance of your skin. As well as preventing sunburn, SPF also protects your skin from cellular damage, which can cause premature ageing, so it’s every bit as important as your serum or moisturiser.  

If you’re looking for hacks to make it easier to embrace sunscreen or just want to level up your skincare game, here are a few of our favourite ideas:

Keep Your Sunscreen On Ice

You probably already know the hack about keeping your aftersun lotion or aloe vera gel in the refrigerator to make it more soothing to apply. But did you know you can do the same with your sun protection?

Throw your sunscreen into the fridge a few hours before you need to apply it and enjoy the cooling sensation. Going for a day out? Throw your sunscreen into your coolbox with your packed lunch. It will help you remember to reapply and be a welcome relief from the heat. 

For Dry Skin, Try An SPF Oil

If you already have dry skin, the added effects of the sun, salt and chlorine can leave you itchy and irritated. Instead of using a regular sunscreen lotion, those with dry skin can benefit from using something a little more nourishing.

Dry oil moisturises and hydrates the skin while protecting it from sun damage. Lighter and more easily absorbed than many traditional sunscreen products, it’s also a great option for those who don’t like the tacky feel of lotion. And, as SPF oil can also be applied to your hair, it will keep your locks in fine form too.

Use A Stick For Staying Power

The backs of the hands are a commonly missed area when applying sunscreen. And, even if you do remember to coat your hands, that sticky feeling isn’t particularly pleasant. 

Stick sunscreen offers the same protection as lotion, with a consistency that’s better suited to being applied on your hands. And, thanks to the slightly tacky consistency of sunscreen sticks, they have a lot of other uses too. Apply as a lip primer under your favourite lipstick, or brush it into your brows to keep them in place. The versatility of SPF sticks make them a great tool in your suncare and beauty kit. 

Choose A Lip Balm With Added SPF 

The skin on our lips may be different to the rest of our body, but it needs protection just as much. In the warmer months, simply switch your regular lip balm for one that has added SPF protection as an easy, yet effective way to prevent sun damage. 

With a growing focus on suncare, many makeup brands are incorporating SPF into their lipsticks too, so you don’t have to choose between colour and protection. And, if your fave lipstick, prime your lips with SPF stick first, then apply as usual.

Replace Your Moisturiser With Sunscreen

If your skin isn’t hungry for hydration, why not ditch the moisturiser and replace it with sunscreen during the warmer months? This simple swap can make it much easier to integrate sunscreen into your daily skincare routine, without taking you a second longer to get ready in the morning.

Look for sunscreens that specify they’re for using on the face, as these will have a lighter consistency that absorbs easier than body lotions. 

Use An SPF Setting Spray 

One of the main reasons women don’t reapply sunscreen as often as possible is because of our makeup. If you cringe at the thought of lathering lotion over your face in the middle of the day, you’re not alone. And thankfully, you don’t have to.

Keep your makeup looking fierce and your skin protected to the fullest with a setting spray that includes SPF30. Spritz over your face every few hours to keep your skin in tip-top condition, whatever the day throws at you.

There we have it, six of the best SPF hacks to see you through summer. Now get out there and enjoy the sunshine, safe in the knowledge that your skin won’t pay for it down the line. 

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