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Skincare Hacks

Skincare Hacks
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We recently ran a competition on our Facebook and Instagram with Magnitone where you all had to tell us about your favourite skincare hack. We had so many amazing entries that we decided to do a blog post with all the best ones!

Helen Walker ' 'A simple hack is to steam your face in the shower or over a bowl of water whilst gently massaging. This gives your face a healthy glow, improves circulation and feels wonderful afterwards when you apply moisturiser.'

Georgina Booth-Purdy ' 'Always remove makeup before bed & use a good night cream especially this time of year when the heating is on. This is my golden rule regardless of how many glasses of prosecco I may have consumed that evening lol!'

Sarah Sej Pelham ' 'I love to drink tea but my skin loves it as a facial treatment for spots or tired eyes. I leave a warm teabag on the affected area whilst watching a youtube video or film, et voila, happy skin'

Zukeika Shaik ' 'Mashed papaya works really well to hydrate and brighten my skin. It also helps to lighten pigmentation. On days when time is against me I rub the inside of the peel on my face and it works just as well to give my skin a healthy glow'

Lauren Mitchener ' 'Combining masks so I put a deep cleansing mud on my t-zone and then add a moisturising mask on the dry areas on cheeks etc for a combined facial to target both skin problems in one go'

Dawn Cordell ' 'Coconut oil is my saviour, takes off my makeup and even waterproof mascara' amazing and all natural'

Lilian Walker ' 'Avocados are the best thing for your skin, also great for a hair mask. Used on my skin for years.'

Karen Watson ' 'My skin tip is to use a nice deep moisture mask every week or so. As well as leaving my skin lovely and soft it also gives me reason to relax for 10 mins'

Melissa Major ' 'Drink lots of water. Wash face in the morning with pure water then apply a toner and moisturiser. Before bed apply a serum and overnight moisturiser.'

Hellen Clare ' 'Beauty sleep. Sleep is so important for your mental and physical health, but also when it comes to skin health!'

Maggi Liu ' 'Always give yourself a facial massage while putting on your moisturiser, it improves circulation to your skin and rejuvenates your face!'

Lisa Sauer ' 'A scrub with a teaspoon of sugar and coconut oil leaves the skin super smooth, soft and moisturised. Perfect ritual before going to bed.'

Kate Williamson ' 'Drinking warm water with squeezed lemon juice every morning helps to purify the skin from the inside out helping to reduce the chance of blemishes.'

Amy Fidler - 'Always use an overnight sleep mask, if skin is playing up, I find I wake up with improved skin.'

Helen Barber ' 'Always cleanse, tone and moisture morning and evening. Also drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to keep hydrated.'

Tess Robinson ' 'Always, ALWAYS take your makeup off ' even if you've had a lot of prosecco and just want to go to bed!'

Emily BO ' ' My favourite skincare hack would be using tea tree oil on blemishes. They minimise overnight, leaving a less noticeably blemished face.'

Faith Anderson ' 'I add a hydrating serum to my moisturiser and I always wash with hot/warm water and rinse with cold/cool water.'

It's time to get body-beautiful from head to toe, and do you know what? Thanks to the yummy-smelling, luxurious-feeling products around this autumn, your pampering session will be just as enjoyable as the gorgeous results.

Face Greet the new season with a better complexion by treating yourself to a mini-facial featuring a luxurious facial oil. Could this be the ideal definition of 'me time'? We think so'

'½ Begin by gently working a good quality facial oil into your face and neck. We love Decleor Aroma White C+ Brightening Cleansing Oil for its luxurious feel and ability to remove all traces of makeup. '½ Pat your skin dry then reach for your regular cleanser. Try refreshing Shiseido The Skincare Rinse-Off Cleansing Gel if you're between products. '½ Now to exfoliate! Take a pea-sized amount of a product like Elemis Gentle Rose Exfoliator on to wet fingertips and massage into your skin before rinsing. '½ Mask time, and opt for one that best suits your skin type - looking for ingredients like added moisturisers or clay to purify. '½ When you've removed your mask, apply a serum or moisturiser - or both for a super-boost! We recommend Clinique Youth Surge Night Age Decelerating Moisturiser to look extra fresh in the morning.

Under-eyes If you've skimped on the sunnies-wearing this summer, an eye cream can help smooth out some fine lines and give the delicate skin under your eyes a boost when used long-term. For an instant eye-brightening treatment however, we rate Elemis Absolute Eye Mask.

Body Relax and pamper your body with a good soak in the tub. Using products with relaxing or uplifting fragrances will mean you get extra benefits, so choose Yardley English Lavender Foam Bath before bed or luxuriate in Yves Saint Laurent Paris Bath and Shower Gel to refresh before a night out. Buff away dead skin the easy way. We love exfoliating gloves! Envelop your skin in the delicious scent of cocoa butter with Vaseline Essential Moisture Cocoa Radiant Body Lotion - perfect for banishing those autumn blues.


Hands Don't forget your hands, as dry, flaky skin and ragged cuticles can really let down your look. We turn to cult classic Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Intensive Hand Treatment to keep our mitts looking their best, but for a quick, intense boost, try Purederm Botanical Choice Deep Moisture Hand Mask.

Toes Give yourself the perfect quick pedicure with these *ahem* step-by-step instructions. '½ Buff the soles and sides of your feet with a foot file. We love Opal Crafts Eco Spa Bamboo Foot File. '½ File your nails straight across. '½ Use a nail buffer to smooth out any nail ridges and remove any staining. You can also use it to smooth out the skin around your nail edges. '½ Just use a clear topcoat to give your nails a shine, or opt for a colour for a feel-good lift. We love Essie Multi Dimensional Top Coat in Stroke of Brilliance for an on-trend finishing touch.

Enjoy looking and feeling gorgeous!
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