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Spa-On-The-Go: Sheet Masks You Need To Try

Spa-On-The-Go: Sheet Masks You Need To Try
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Sheet Masks may look frightening but the nourishment and benefits you can get from them is second to none, not to mention the time, effort and mess they save! When your skin needs little pick me up, simply smooth one over your face, let it work its magic while you get on with endless to do list.

Sheet masks are usually made of paper or cloth, they are then saturated in a solution that’s packed full of skin loving ingredients like retinol, glycolic acid or hyaluronic acid. Each come with their individual sachet so they’re super easy to carry round with you or travel with. Super portable!

The Benefits

Sheet masks have plenty of benefits but the number one being that they act a barrier to seal in the ingredients so that your skin can soak them up, rather than evaporating from the surface. The once, you’re done you massage in any excess serum into your face and your complexion is guaranteed to look instantly better.

They are filled with various vitamins and minerals and won’t dry out the skin compared to the paste-type face mask.

Hydration is one of the key benefits of a sheet mask, your skin will gain a big boost of moisture! Your skin looks at its healthiest when its super moisturised, sheet masks will give your skin a gorgeous healthy and radiant look.

There is no limit to how often you can use a sheet masks, hallelujah! They’re not like a detoxifying or exfoliating treatment as they just feed skin nourishing ingredients into your skin. Some Korean women say they use a sheet mask every single evening to keep their skin looking even and smooth.

Our Favourite Sheet Masks

BeautyPro Nourishing Collagen Sheet Mask with Olive – this nourishing mask is enriched with natural olive extracts. Dehydrated skin gets a super shot of moisture to refresh while antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits soothe the skin. This mask uses marine collagen to fight signs of ageing and boost skin elasticity.

Simple Kind to Skin Pollution Protect Sheet Mask – this mask is the perfect antidote to pollution. It is made of natural fibres and it contours to the face like a second skin. Infused with antioxidant Vitamin E, Vitamin B3 and Agave Americana, it infuses into the skin to minimise the drying effects of pollution.

Natura Tumeric Infused Sheet Mask – turmeric is a multi-tasking superfood with anti-ageing benefits that re-energise the skin. It encourages cell renewal and act as a powerful antioxidant to protect the skin. It leaves the skin looking radiant and deeply hydrated.

Purederm Deep Purifying O2 Bubble Sheet Mask – this is a crazy looking bubble mask that generates o2 bubbles to remove toxins, dead skin cells and sebum to brighten your skin tone and cleanse your skin. The charcoal powder cleanses and purifies your skin together with Orange and Lemon Extract by helping to absorb toxins.

Fragrance Direct Blog
Writer and expert
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