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FD Beauty Blog Editor Tries: Lamazuna

FD Beauty Blog Editor Tries: Lamazuna
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Have you heard of a zero-waste bathroom? It’s the concept of swapping out the usual bottled shower products for products with plastic free packaging. Enter Lamazuna. This eco-conscious brand create a beautiful range of sustainable, solid cosmetics that are perfect for the zero-waste lifestyle. Here on the blog, we’re going to run through some of our favourite products from the brand!

Just before we jump in, let’s take a look a further look into the brand’s history. Lamazuna was founded in 2010 and set out with an aim to minimise bathroom waste in order to help reduce your overall environmental impact. The products do not contain any water and each solid bar replaces the waste equivalent of two plastic bottles. All of the brands products are naturally derived, cruelty-free, vegan and the packaging is fully compostable thanks to its recycled cardboard and nontoxic vegetable inks. In short, if you’re a fan of brand that keep environmental ethics at heart or know someone who does, these are the perfect little treats.

Now for my favourites…

Lamazuna Palmarosa Solid Deodorant, £7.95

If you’re like me and can’t stand breathing in spray deodorants or the feeling of wet and sticky armpits thanks to roll-ons, you need to try this solid formula. This zero-waste deodorant in solid form features coconut oil to nourish the skin, sunflower wax to leave the skin soft and supple, along with Palmarosa essential oil which eats away bacteria.

Lamazuna Solid Facial Cleanser (Dry/Sensitive Skin), £9.50

As a lover for all things in cute shapes, I couldn’t resist this adorable cloud shaped cleanser! This product is perfect for popping in your toiletry bag or displaying on the side. This cleanser features oat flour to cleanse and soften, hibiscus powder for hydration, lavandin flowers for their antiseptic and purifying properties along with arnica montana flowers to help soothe and calm dry and sensitive skin types.

Lamazuna Solid Shampoo Vanilla & Coconut (Dry Hair), £7.50

Who else is sick of their regular shampoo bottle slipping through their fingertips and catching their toes as it falls to the bottom of the shower? I’m with you. However, this lightweight shampoo bar is perfect and compact, made especially for dry hair types featuring coconut oil to cleanse and nourish along with kaolin white clay to soothe. With a delicious coconut-y vanilla scent, what more could you ask for?

Lamazuna Iris & Tonka Bean Solid Pink Cocoa Butter, £7.95

Watch out, this one is a must-have for Spring/Summer! This heat-resistant solid cocoa butter bar is an all-in-one product perfect for using as a facial oil, body butter or even a massage oil. This melts beautifully when in contact with the skin while featuring a heavenly iris and tonka bean scent. I loved this one as it reminds me of my favourite deep, musky perfumes.

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Thank you for reading, we hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Come and take a look at the incredible fragrance and beauty brands we stock!

Fragrance Direct Blog
Writer and expert
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