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Coffee Scrubs – The Benefits!

Coffee Scrubs – The Benefits!
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Ok so no one wants to imagine a world without coffee, it's the only thing that makes us feel alive in the morning but how many of you are taking it into the shower? Coffee scrubs are popping up all over the place but how beneficial are they for your skin?

Coffee scrubs can really take things to the next level for your skin, with way more benefits than your usual body exfoliator. They slough off all the dead skin cells to leave you with soft, smooth and hydrated skin! We have a few brands of ground coffee body scrubs here at Fragrance Direct that you can get your hands on to give it a go' Bean Body, Scrub Love and Anatomicals.

So what benefits do they offer you?

We all know exfoliating is really important, it aids your skin in staying healthy and also functioning better. After dead skin has been removed, the skin works much more efficiently to expel toxins and also take in nutrients. However adding coffee to the equations gives you a whole host of extra benefits!

'½ The caffeine found in coffee scrubs can help increase blood flow and therefore reduce the appearance of cellulite and give skin a more even tone.

'½ Caffeine can also help tighten the skin which will again help reduce cellulite. When caffeine is applied to the skin it restricts the blood vessels, which helps reduce inflammation and swelling.

'½ Caffeine is also loaded with antioxidants which help fight premature aging, wrinkles and fine lines. So don't restrict the scrubs to just your body!

'½ Coffee scrubs use all natural ingredients rather than any nasty chemicals or artificial components which is a huge benefit for our skin but also the environment' bonus!

'½ Coffee has the same pH levels as the skin surprisingly, so doesn't leave your skin stripped of moisture or overly oily.

'½ Ground coffee is much coarser than normal body scrubs so much more effective at removing dead skin cells. Plus when you use it in the shower the steam really helps to open up the pores so you can really scrub away your dead cells.

'½ Just as coffee's antioxidant properties can help combat fine lines and wrinkles it can also repair sun damage! Whether it's sun spots, hyper pigmentation or freckles, a coffee scrub will speed up new cell turnover and even out your skin tone.


Ok so we're sold on the coffee scrubs, here's a few of our favourites for you to try!

Bean Body Coffee Scrub Manuka Honey - £14.95

Scrub Love Coffee Scrub Original ' £12.95

Anatomicals Glow Thanks To Joe Coffee Salt Scrub - £10

Bean Body Coffee Scrub Cocoberry - £14.95

Scrub Love Coffee Scrub Coconut Affair - £12.95

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