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The Benefits of a 3 Step Skincare Routine

The Benefits of a 3 Step Skincare Routine
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We all have our own skincare routines that we like to stick to religiously. There's something comforting about massaging that cleanser in at the end of the day, removing any dirt and stress that goes with it. There are plenty of benefits to having a consistent skincare routine and the one most people swear by is 3 step' Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise.

The main benefits of keeping a consistent skincare routine are:

1. Your skin will be in better overall condition. This seems like a bit of a no brainer, but keeping a consistent routine will help reduce and prevent signs of aging, prevent and treat any acne and improve the clarity of your skin.

2. Your skin will look less dull. At some point we all notice a decrease in radiance, whether it be due to the weather, diet or dehydration. Using an exfoliating toner as a regular step in your skincare routine will help keep your skin looking fresh and glowy. Cell turnover slows down as we age, so it's important to help the process and clear away any dead skin cells so those new ones can shine through!

3. Your skin will work harder to maintain itself. It sounds a bit silly but your skin cells work really hard while you sleep and if you're consistently cleansing, toning and moisturising you are allowing it to do its job most effectively. It will work better to repair itself and your moisturiser will absorb much easier.

4. Visible results. People give up on skincare far too quickly; we see all the amazing claims from different brands and then give up after two weeks when it hasn't worked. Dramatic results do not happen overnight and you have to be patient, it can often take up to 8 weeks of consistent use for you to really notice any results. Give it a little longer and you may be surprised.

5. Results will be easier to maintain. Once you have established a skincare routine you can stick to and you start seeing those all-important results, you'll be much more likely to keep it up. So just stick at it! Your skin will continue to look healthy and refreshed as long as you don't give up.


We've rounded up some of our favourite 3 step routines on the website for you to try. There's a few different options to suit every skin type, so why not add this to your list of new year's resolutions!

Clarins: Cleansing Milk (for normal/dry or combination/oily), Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner, Super Restorative Night Cream.

Clinique: Take the Day Off Cleansing Milk, Clarifying Lotion (oily or dry), Even Better Skin Tone Correcting Moisturiser.

Decleor: Aroma Cleanse Youth Cleansing Milk, Aroma Cleanse Smoothing Micellar Water, Aroma Night Rose d'Oriental Soothing Night Balm.

Elizabeth Arden: Visible Difference Gentle Hydrating Cleanser, Visible Difference Balancing Toner, Visible Difference Skin Balancing Lotion.

Hylamide: High Efficiency Face Cleaner, Glow Radiance Booster, SubQ Anti Age Advanced Serum.

Murad: Renewing Cleansing Cream Resurgence, Hydrating Toner Resurgence, Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture.

Fragrance Direct Blog
Writer and expert
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