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The Best False Lashes to Top Off Your Halloween Look (and how to apply them!)

The Best False Lashes to Top Off Your Halloween Look (and how to apply them!)
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False lashes can add a real “wow” factor to any outfit, in particular a Halloween look! There’s an incredible range of lashes available at Fragrance Direct with different styles and sizes to suit whatever look you’re going for! You can choose your falsies to complement or contrast with your costume, colour coordinate with the rest of your outfit or go for crazy lengths and shapes to make a memorable statement.

If you’re new to the false lash scene there’s a number of different types of lashes for you to try, from the original strip lashes that require adhesive to magnetic lashes that clip onto your own eyelashes. Individual lashes can also be a great option for those who want to add a bit of oomph and volume but don’t want them to be too dramatic. Applying false lashes is easier than you might think and with a few easy tips and a little practice you might just end up wanting to wear lashes every day!

How to apply false lashes:

1. Curl and apply mascara to your own natural lashes. This way you are creating some weight for the false lashes to sit on. 2. Next up, measure the false lash band against your eye and trim off any excess from the corners to make sure they fit your eyelid properly. 3. Trace a thin line of lash adhesive to the band and wait around 30 seconds. This allows the glue to get tacky and will stick more easily when you apply. If you apply when the glue is still very wet it will just slip around the lid and be harder to hold in place. 4. Place the strip as close to the base of your lashes as you can. Start at the outer corners and work your way in, pressing the band down to make sure it is secured properly. 5. Squeeze the lash band with your natural lashes to make sure they look as seamless as possible. Cover any join lines with eyeshadow or liquid eyeliner and Voila!

So, these are our favourite lashes for any Halloween look, they’re also super affordable!

Ardell Double Up Demi Wispies £4.99 – These are super full volume lashes that will give you drama! Wispies are the most popular lashes from the brand Ardell and it’s easy to see why, they’re super fluffy and look beautiful on the eye. These doubled up version offer you the same fluffy texture with some added volume, perfect for a Halloween look!

Sosu by SJ 7 Deadly Sins False Lashes Pride £6.75 – These lashes are full bodied, stand out volume. If you’re looking for something to really top off the most dramatic of Halloween make up then these are for you. Full, long and super curly, they will definitely stand out!

Ardell Magnetic Lashes Natural Accents £8.99 – The magnetic lashes are the perfect pair if you’re looking for something to give you an extra bit of length and volume. They’re a natural style so they won’t be super dramatic and obvious. The magnets are placed strategically along the band and you just balance one along the top lash line and then apply the other underneath, so they lock together. There’s a magnet right on the edge so you can be sure they’ll stay flat throughout wear!

Eye Candy Strip Lash Volumise 006 £2.49 – If you don’t usually wear lashes and you’re looking for a cheap but effective pair then Eye Candy are the ones to go for. With 006 the style is super curly and flattering, layering fine and slightly thicker lashes together to give you the appearance of fullness without them being too dark. One of our favourite pairs for one-time use!

SOSU by SJ 3D Fibre Luxury Individual Lashes £6.99 – If you struggle to place a full strip and worry about the ends or the corners pinging up throughout the night, then individual lashes are for you! What’s best is that they can be placed wherever suits your eye shape, they’re also super lightweight so you won’t even feel them when they’re on!

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