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Find Your Perfect Red Lipstick!

Find Your Perfect Red Lipstick!
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Do you dream of pout perfection? If you'd love to track down the ideal crimson for your complexion, and in a texture you can really fall for, you're in luck. Kiss goodbye to boring lips and find the perfect lippy using your skin tone...

Pale skin tones

Alabaster skin tones look fab with wine-coloured lipstick. We've got a lot of lip-love for Lily Collins, who works the merlot-shade beautifully. If you have pinky undertones in your complexion, cherry reds are your BFFs as they pick up the pretty pigments in your skin, making you look fresh and youthful.

Medium skin tones

Vibrant reds are a great choice for you, as your complexion has the warmth to carry them off. Choose one with very slight orange undertones to enhance any hint of a tan. Taylor Swift gets it right every time.

Medium dark skin tones

Coral, coral, coral! This fresh red shade looks fantastic with an olive complexion and - as Richard Chai's catwalk collection for spring/summer 2015 proves - it's bang on trend.

Dark skin tones

Let's get zesty! Dark skin tones can work an orange-based red like no other complexion can, as the stunning Lupita Nyong'o demonstrates.

The all-rounder

A classic red suits all skin tones - you're looking for a shade with no orange or blue undertones, just pure unadulterated RED! Anne Hathaway knows how to rock it.

Texture perfection...

New to red lipstick? Go for a lip stain that you can apply and pretty much forget about. What's more, lip stains can double-up as blushers for fresh and rosy cheeks.

Want to work a high-powered pout? Matte lipsticks give a highly-pigmented finish that's perfect for a sophisticated, high-fashion look.

Scared of commitment? Gloss is the way to go! Red glosses pack a colourful punch when layered up, but stay feeling light on your lips. If you want to wear it and forget about it, go for a lightly-pigmented gloss (rather than a deeply-coloured one) and just apply a quick slick. It will wear off gradually but won't leave a harsh line where it's faded.

Want a more mature take on gloss? Sheer lipsticks deliver a wash of colour in a light, non-sticky texture - like the grown-up's version of lip balm!

TOP TIPS FOR RED LIPS... Liner is your friend. It prolongs the wear of your lipstick and stops it bleeding out to the skin around your lips. Match your liner to your lipstick if possible, or go for a shade closer to your natural lip colour. & Apply your lip colour, blot it with a tissue and then pull a tissue apart so that it is effectively only one-ply. Place this tissue over your pout, then use a powder brush to dust translucent face power over your lips. Remove the tissue then apply another coat of lipstick. Enjoy the long-lasting results!

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Writer and expert
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