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Breathe Happy, Live Smart

Breathe Happy, Live Smart
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Breathe Happy and live smart. Discover the world’s first reusable face mask today that not only protects you and others but is cost-effective and eco-friendly! From the EVERYDAY 95 for general wear, while shopping and walking to the COMMUTER 98 for higher density interaction, these safe, affordable, comfortable and recyclable masks are incredibly innovative. Simply, change your disposable filter every seven days and you can Breathe Happy.Why use Breathe Happy Face Masks?

Each filter for these masks can last for 7 days which is much more environmentally friendly resulting in 59 times less impact than the disposable paper ones. They’re recyclable and you can also customise your mask with so many cool, unique designs. Breathe Happy are using one of the latest innovations in mask technology using spectacle that will not fog up unlike with disposable masks. They form a good seal around the nose, mouth and face too.

You Can Help Our Health Services

By investing in a reusable mask, therefore, using less material that is instead long-lasting, this frees up materials for health services. With superior filtration, this results increased protection and lessening the spread of Covid-19.

What’s the difference between the Everyday 95 and the Commuter 98?

Breathe Happy EVERYDAY 95 Reusable Mask, £19.99

The EVERYDAY 95 is for general wear while going shopping or walking around public spaces with low-density interaction. This includes 95% filtration with 5 replaceable filters providing a 35-day supply.

Breathe Happy COMMUTER 98 Reusable Face Mask, £24.99

The COMMUTER 98 is for commuting and walking around areas with high-density interaction such as on public transport and in busy city centres. This includes 98% filtration with 5 replaceable filters providing a 35-day supply.

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Fragrance Direct Blog
Writer and expert
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