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Get The Most Out Of Your Perfume With These DIY Hacks

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Whether you’re obsessed with a new fragrance and want to smell it all throughout your home not just on yourself or you’ve got a tiny bit left in a bottle that you want to make the most of, these DIY hacks will give you all kinds of ideas. From increasing a perfume’s longevity to repurposing a fragrance for things you never would have thought about before, prepare to have your mind blown. If you’re on the lookout for new fragrances too, we’ve recommended some that would be perfect for the summer!

It’s all about timing. The best time to spray your fragrance is as soon as you’ve stepped out of the shower. Your warm, damp skin will really help to lock in the scent and unlike spraying it when you’re fully dressed, this way you’ll be able to avoid staining delicate clothes and any costume jewellery. It’s easy enough to do! To remind yourself grab your favourite bottle and place it right next to your towel so you’re ready to go. FD Recommends:Moschino Toy2

Petroleum jelly is a savour. As well as good old Vaseline being able to work wonders for dry skin and chapped lips, it’s great to use for throwing on perfume. Maybe you had your shower the night before, or you’ve come home to get changed quickly for evening plans and need a fragrance boost. Just apply a little bit of Vaseline to your pulse points such as your wrists, lower neck, behind the ears (and even your folds halfway down your arms and behind your knees) pre-spritzing and you’ll be good to go. The slight tackiness to the balm will hold the fragrance to your skin much longer than applying it to dry skin. FD Recommends:Davidoff Run Wild

Don’t dab! We’re all guilty of spritzing our wrists and then rubbing them together as if we’re doing ourselves a favour but we really aren’t. The harsh wrist-to-wrist rubbing action actually forces the top notes to disappear faster than intended and as a result of that, you’ll find that the fragrance won’t last as long. Instead, spray from slightly further away to get a nice mist that will easily skin into your skin without leaving a wet feeling. FD Recommends:Calvin Klein Eternity Flame

Two? Make it three. I’m not driving. If you have a tiny bit left of your favourite fragrance, add a few drops to any unscented lotion. You’ll be able to enjoy it for much longer because the moisture in the cream will really hold on to the fragrance. You can also add it to any scented creams or balms too, just choose which scents you think would compliment each other nicely. FD Recommends:YSL Black Opium

Tissue paper in drawers Something new. Ever thought of lining your draws with pretty tissue paper? It may sound unusual at first but paired with this next technique, it’s a great way to make your clothes and towels smelling amazing. All you need is some tissue paper, the prettier the better and your favourite fragrance to spray all over. This is a great routine to get into if you’re forgetful in the mornings and sometimes forget to have a quick spritz before you go out. This way, you’ll have lovely smelling clothes all of the time. FD Recommends:Jimmy Choo Floral

Make your own diffuser. If you dream of lovely scents filling your home from top to bottom, this next DIY hack is the one for you. All you’ll need is a few wooden reeds. If you have a bottle with a removable head that stands upright, you could go ahead and just pop them in there. Alternatively, if you empty the contents of the perfume into a small jar or vase and add the reeds, you’ll get the same effect! FD Recommends:Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

Fragrance Direct Blog
Writer and expert
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