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Get to Know The Brand: Kierin NYC

Get to Know The Brand: Kierin NYC
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We’ve welcomed a brand new perfume brand to Fragrance Direct, Kierin NYC! Kierin NYC is a bold, disruptive brand challenging the rules of fragrance. Unlike conventional fragrance brands, Kierin NYC invites people “to be inspired, not defined or confined, by fragrance.”

Kierin NYC is artistic, genderless and individualistic. Diversity and inclusion are core to the brand and not just presented as an afterthought. Kierin NYC is a brand for young people of all ages, colours and nationalities.

Each fragrance is an artfully crafted collage of scents inspired by real NYC stories and the energetic vibes of an urban lifestyle. Kierin NYC connects the human experience of scent with story telling and hopes that people will make the brand deeply personal through their own individual #MyKierin stories.

Keep reading to find out more about each individual perfume and find the perfect one for you!

Santal Sky Eau de Parfum

Intertwined like vines, we stroll through the park. Leaves release their woody fragrance. Under a canopy of trees, in the centre of it all, we are a million miles from city life. Music from impromptu drum circles, the rhythm of runners’ footsteps, diverse languages fill my ears like poetry. This retreat into nature refreshes the soul. The sun smiling down upon us, I pull my loved one close. In synchronicity, we breathe. Santal Sky is an amazing, thoughtful scent with a touch or irreverence. Woody, intimate and serene fragrance and bound with earthy vibrancy, it refreshes the soul and embodies a calm heart in the fast beat of city streets. Vibe: Intimate – serene Olfactive Harmony: Woody – spicy Key Ingredients: Cardamom – saffron – sandalwood – vetiver Clean and Conscious: This product is cruelty free and free of skin allergens, parabens, phytalates, unnecessary stabilisers and animal products. Sustainably sourced and recyclable.

Sunday Brunch Eau de Parfum

I arrive at a trendy café on West Broadway. Peeking through my sunglasses, I spot my friends – my “city family” – waving my over to join. A smile spreads across my face. Waiters serve freshly squeezed juice and Earl Grey tea as I manoeuvre a sea of brunching socialites. Our weekly ritual, a flittering mimosa and the open chair they saved me, awaits. Sunday Brunch inspires a celebratory mood and making memories well lived. A unique blend of scents, this fragrance is citrusy, cheerful and luminous. Vibe: Cheerful – luminous Olfactive Harmony: Citrus – floral Key Ingredients: Italian Bergamot – lemon – earl grey tea – jasmine Clean and Conscious: This product is cruelty free and free of skin allergens, parabens, phytalates, unnecessary stabilisers and animal products. Sustainably sourced and recyclable.

10 am Flirt Eau de Parfum

Crisp green grasses sway high above the concrete jungle. Refreshed by the breeze, I gaze over the immense cityscape of New York. A path extends before me, with possibilities seeming limitless. In an instant, our eyes lock. A magnetic attraction. Electrified by this, our lips form a smile. Are you in a fresh, magnetic, flirty mood? 10 am Flirt is a complex yet clean, unique scent that reserves its most lasting and memorable notes for those you allow to get close. Vibe: Flirty – magnetic Olfactive Harmony: Floral – woody – green Key Ingredients: Gardenia – fig – cashmere wood – sandalwood Clean and Conscious: This product is cruelty free and free of skin allergens, parabens, phytalates, unnecessary stabilisers and animal products. Sustainably sourced and recyclable.

Get to know a bit more about the founder of the brand Mona Maine de Biran... Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your career background?

I am the female founder and visionary behind KIERIN NYC, its mission and brand values. Proud to be an outsider to the fragrance industry, my career background and successes give me both a fresh perspective and the courage to be a disruptive brand. Challenging the conventional rules of the fragrance industry, as we do, is not for the faint of heart.

What inspired you to start the business?

Inspired by New York City, one of the greatest cities in the world—full of hope, diversity and equality and offering an amazing lifestyle. It was frustrating to see no other fragrance brand on the market doing it justice. We were inspired to create KIERIN NYC to respond to these gaps. KIERIN NYC is the first and only NY-centric fragrance house to celebrate real stories of people living an urban lifestyle with a bold collection of 100% vegan and cruelty-free, clean, sustainably sourced, recyclable, accessibly priced, gender-all, prestige perfumes.

What was your mission in the beginning?

We began and continue to be a brand with values, challenging the conventional rules of the fragrance industry. Unlike many elitist, aspirational brands, we aim to inspire people about the beauty of what’s real, the individual, life in the street, smelling good as well as unique. Art is our muse and our message is “good vibes only”.

How has the business grown since you started and where do you see it in the future?

With little more than a year under our belt since we launched, we’re already been incredibly well received in the USA and UK. We focus on doing things in a qualitative way with an eye on long-term growth, strategic partnerships, and longevity. We’ll be continuing that expansion globally, launching new markets this year. The future is bright for KIERIN NYC.

What Kierin NYC product would you say is a must-have and why?

Sunday Brunch is a cheerful, celebratory scent with an energetic yet calming vibe. As a people lover who loves seeing (and making) others smile, Sunday Brunch is my most frequently used scent and state of mind. For me, every day of the week is a good day for a Sunday Brunch with friends and loved ones.

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