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Gender-Neutral Scents We Love

Gender-Neutral Scents We Love
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It’s time to break the convention. While lots of perfumes are designed with men or women in mind, we aren’t all about that life. It’s 2020, and it’s about time we got a little more fluid with our gendering of perfumes.

Thankfully, lots of our favourite brands are on the same page when it comes to creating vibrant gender-neutral perfumes for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a fab new scent to share with your partner or an easygoing fragrance to take you anywhere, there are lots of great unisex options to discover. Here are some of the best.

  • Calvin Klein CK One
  • Muelhens 4711 Eau de Cologne Splash
  • Benetton Hot and Cold
  • Bulgari Eau Parfumee Au the Vert
  • Comme des Garcons Amazingreen
  • Gucci Mémoire d'une Odeur
  • Tom Ford Black Orchid

These gender-fluid perfumes smell great on everyone. Want to know more? Let’s take a look at the fragrance profiles of some of these unique scents.

Calvin Klein CK One

Calvin Klein’s unisex fragrance is iconic around the world, and it’s easy to see why. This light, easy-to-wear scent works perfectly for all genders thanks to its relaxed notes and freshness. We’re talking pineapple, papaya, lemon, apple, jasmine, rose, musk, sandalwood, and amber. And that’s just the original.

Since its launch in 1994, Calvin Klein has added lots of variations to the CK One range. Try a bright summer edition, CK One Shock, or CK One Gold for a new take on the classic. Whatever your style, we know you’ll fall in love with this fragrance.

Muelhens 4711 Original Eau de Cologne

Another fabulous unisex fragrance, Muelhens 4711 Original boasts a blend of citrus oils, light rose, and sandalwood. It’s easy to wear whoever you are and whatever the occasion. And the decedent packaging makes this Muelhens a perfect gift for somebody special.

Benetton Hot and Cold

Benetton Hot and Benetton Cold are two similar yet distinct fragrances that anyone can wear. Their stylish and elegant packaging sets them apart, while well-balanced fragrance notes do the rest.

Benetton Hot combines mandarin, bergamot, rosewood, lemon, apricot, iris, jasmine, sandalwood, cedar, amber, vanilla, and moss. At the same time, Benetton Cold features notes of bergamot, aldehydes, caraway, coriander, lavender, geranium, patchouli, vetiver, and musk. Try them both on for size. You’re sure to fall in love with one, if not both of these unisex fragrances.

Bulgari Eau Parfumée Au thé Vert

This excellent luxury perfume is suitable for every gender, with easygoing notes that mean it works for all occasions too. Get ready for the notes! This Bulgari unisex perfume combines coriander, orange, mandarin, bergamot, cardamom, lemon, jasmine, sandalwood, amber, musk, and cedar. You have to smell it to believe it. But trust us, this is one you’ll want to wear time and time again.

Comme des Garcons Amazingreen

Comme des Garcons do everything well, and this unisex fragrance is no exception. Boasting notes of palm, green pepper, flint, coriander, gunpowder, vetiver, and musk, this unique scent is guaranteed to turn heads.

The Amazingreen bottle is ridiculously stylish too, which means this one’s a perfect gift or a treat for yourself. You deserve it.

Gucci Mémoire d'une Odeur

Another luxury addition to our list, this gender-neutral fragrance from Gucci is one you’ll love to wear. Gucci Mémoire takes gender out of the equation, and instead reflects the confidence of whoever chooses to wear it.

It’s Gucci’s first universal fragrance, and it’s championed by Harry Styles, so you know you’re in for a treat. Notes of chamomile and coral jasmine mean this scent fits into a new fragrance family – mineral aromatic.

Tom Ford Black Orchid

This luxurious and alluring unisex fragrance promises to last even longer, so you can spray it on in the morning and head out all day and night smelling great. It’s ideal for evening and the winter months thanks to its warm, musky notes. These include jasmine, blackcurrant, bergamot, orchid, spice, fruit, sandalwood, chocolate, and vanilla.

Choose one of our favourite gender-neutral fragrances from this list and wear it whenever, wherever with confidence. You can also spray on any perfume, aftershave, or body spray you like, no matter what gender label it’s been given.

Who’s to say a favourite ‘men’s’ aftershave can’t be just as fabulous on anybody? Or that a pretty ‘women’s’ perfume can be worn by females only? We say – you do you! Wear the fragrances that make you feel great.

Thank you for reading, we hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Come and take a look at the incredible fragrance and beauty brands we stock!

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Writer and expert
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