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Hair Trends We’re Loving Right Now

Hair Trends We’re Loving Right Now
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How are you settling into 2022? Is the grey, dreary February weather starting to bring you down? Maybe it’s time to inject a little fun back into your life with one of this year’s top hair trends. Inspired by Milan, Paris, and of course, online influencers, a new wave of hair trends are already turning heads this year. Updating styles from previous decades with a uniquely 2022 twist, these are the five trends you’ll be seeing everywhere this year, from social media to the catwalk. Are you daring enough to give one a go?

Textured Bob

The bob needs no introduction, all clean lines and straight angles; this short hairstyle has been worn by women every decade since its heyday in the 1920s. So, 100 years on, it’s no surprise that it’s seeing (yet another) update. 

The Textured Bob takes the original look, complete with blunt ends and jaw-length cut, but swaps the sleek and polished finish for a natural, air-dried texture. For naturally straight styles, try tousling your hair with a salt styling spray to give it a little extra movement.

The Textured Bob isn’t the only hair trend embracing volume in 2022. In fact, natural texture is one of the main takeaway features from this years’ styles - so ditch the straighteners and let your hair do its thing.

Circular Volume

In a similar vein to the Textured Bob, another hot hair trend this year is a cut that creates ample volume. Inspired by afro styles from the 60s and 70s, the circular shape draws attention to the face and is ideal for curly hair. This style involves creating a halo of hair with plenty of volume in all directions, working with your hair’s natural texture. 

Ladies with type 3 or 4 curls will find this style the easiest to wear as your hair has greater volume, but 2c types can get that extra oomph needed to get the right shape with curl-friendly products. The key is to keep your hair short, with a cut that sits above the shoulders to allow that coveted spherical shape to be created.

To protect and define your curls, use a quality styling gel, followed by a frizz-preventing cream, oil or spray before finger-twisting and diffusing. We love Cantu Moisturising Twist & Lock Gel combined with Noughty To The Rescue Anti-Frizz Serum.

Matte Buzzcut

Another look inspired by the seventies, but this time from the punk subculture, the Matte Buzzcut is a hair trend we can’t get enough of this year. Defined by a super short cut all over, buzzcuts are the ideal post-pandemic, low-maintenance haircut but not one for the faint of heart. 

One of the most popular ways to wear the Matte Buzzcut is with the addition of a pastel hair colour, pink and purple being top choices. With a buzzcut, your bleach goes a long way, so the look is much easier to achieve than it would be on longer hair. And of course, the final piece to this look is the matte finish, courtesy of styling wax.

The Octopus

Already incredibly popular in Japan and Korea, The Octopus cut has made its way to UK shores and is a great style for long, straight hair. Despite its slightly off-putting name, The Octopus is an incredibly flattering cut that consists of shorter outer layers and longer layers underneath, which, when styled, look like the tentacles of an octopus. 

The combination of layers and some slight curling to the ends are what define this look, so try blow-drying your ends using a round brush to get that “flick”. Pinterest is full of women all over the world already rocking this style, so get inspired and try it for yourself. 

The Mixie

Last but certainly not least, The Mixie is the epitome of a futuristic hairstyle, making it the perfect addition to this 2022 line-up. So, what is The Mixie? It can best be described as the lovechild of a pixie cut and a mullet. A short pixie cut, but with longer ends, it’s a Bowie-esque look that straddles retro and futuristic genres to create something altogether new.    

The Mixie can look great on curly, wavy or straight hair, and no two look the same. If you’re ready to take the leap and get a cut that is entirely your own, this is undoubtedly the one for you. 

Say goodbye to scraped back hair and simple ponytails, step into a new generation of hair. Explore the range.

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Writer and expert
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