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Hair Removal Tips

Hair Removal Tips
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To remove hair or not to remove hair! For women in particular, hair removal can be a contentious issue. Culturally, the expectation is on to keep our skin looking smooth and hair free across most parts of the body. Whether you choose to regularly remove hair, and how much of it you take off, is completely your choice. But if you do want smoother legs, bikini line, or underarms, there are a few options. Some methods will feel more comfortable and will work better for you. So, here's the lowdown on the top ways to remove hair at home. Shaving

The biggest benefit of shaving is that it's cheap and quick. The downside is the potential for unsightly, painful nicks and razor burn. Ouch. Being up-to-speed on the best way to shave will help minimise these factors. When it comes to your legs, use smooth strokes, and pull your skin taught around your less-firm bikini area. For your underarms, be sure to shave in multiple directions to capture all hair growth.

You'll also need to prep your skin before shaving and take care of it post-shave. Your legs will need a bigger boost of moisture than your bikini or underarms after shaving. When it comes to products, use shave creams and gels to moisturise the area, allowing your razor to glide over the skin. Using a good razor is key too. Electric razors like the Braun Silk And Soft Rechargeable Body Shaver or the Remington Ultimate Bikini Kit trim and shave without nicks and cuts.


Waxing is a flexible solution that can be used on any area, from your legs and bikini to your face. Plus, unlike shaving, it will give you longer-lasting effects, meaning you can get your hair removal done in one hit and forget about it for a few weeks. There is a pain-level factor to waxing which can put some off, but with the right technique and care, you can minimise the distress to your skin.

Always exfoliate before you wax, and make sure the hairs are long enough to pull out. Choose products that are designed for more delicate areas, like your face too, such as Smooth Appeal's Facial Hair Remover Wax. For other body areas, buy a wax, like Surgi Wax's For Bikini Body and Legs. Post-wax lotions like Strictly Professional's After Wax Oil are an essential too, to soothe and condition.


Epilators have become increasingly popular in recent years, but there's no denying that they can be more than a little painful to begin with. Advocates will tell you that this does get better the more you use them however, and they do give you long-lasting hair removal. The trick is to exfoliate first, just like waxing. Often, it's good to do this a day before, rather than on the day. And try a wet exfoliator in a warm shower to reduce pain.

Some versatile products include Braun's Silk-Ǹpil 9 Wet & Dry Epilator, and Remington's 4 In 1 Epilator. Post epilation, always apply a good moisturiser. Ones with aloe or witch hazel work best to soothe skin.

Hair removal creams

The great thing about hair removal creams is that they're just as quick as shaving and they're pain-free. Although they're not as long lasting as waxing or epilating, they can give you two or three days of smooth skin without the chance of shaving nicks and cuts.

The best approach is to test a small area of skin first, to ensure the product won't react badly with your skin. Always go in the shower too, to avoid mess. Products include Veet's Hair Removal Cream for Sensitive Skin, and Silkia's Hair Removal Cream. Afterwards, your skin should be silky-smooth, and a good slathering of moisturiser will help you look and feel great.

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