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New Arrivals Featuring Katy Perry Killer Queen

New Arrivals Featuring Katy Perry Killer Queen
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We've been counting down the days until our highly anticipated new arrivals have landed at Fragrance Direct. Like a kid on Christmas morning, we can't wait to see which new fragrances will quickly become favourites with our customers and we feel it's only right to give you a nice, big update on the new arrivals that have landed on site. So, with that in mind, let's get started!

Joop Miss Wild

First in line is the new fragrance from Joop, entitled Joop Miss Wild. Whether you're the girl who loves to sit in with a cuppa and film, or whether you're the girl who likes to party until 6am, Joop Miss Wild is definitely a fragrance that is distinctive and memorable. You don't have to be a party animal to try this scent, even though I think we can all agree that there's a little bit of 'wildness' in all of us!

B is for Bottle

Starting from the beginning, Joop Miss Wild greets you with a simple, pink tinted glass bottle. Tiny skulls are featured as ties to a ribbon which you can find on the front of the packaging, and these add an extra element of 'cool' to the Joop Miss Wild design. All in all, we find the bottle to be quite pretty, to put it simply!

The Smell After the first spritz, you can see just how quickly this scent develops into lots of lovely layers before settling into an overly sweet smell which features notes of pink berries, vanilla and the unexpected edition of rum. It's definitely a fragrance that, over time, will become easily recognizable, from someone passing you in the street, to someone you bump into on the train. To round Joop Miss Wild off in three words, we have to say it's sweet, creamy and addictive.

The Audience

Joop Miss Wild is catered for a younger market, so this wouldn't be one to buy your nan at Christmas, but saying that, what girl doesn't want to smell seductively sweet? Fronted with a sexy advert (which you can watch on our Youtube channel), it's plain to see that Joop Miss Wild will become a favourite with the younger generation.

Diesel Loverdose Tattoo

Whether you love or hate tattoos, there is a universal understanding that they can easily represent a person. If you're brave enough to get one, you wear it with confidence and attitude. With that in mind, Diesel decided to design and base their newest fragrance for ladies on a tattoo, and so, Diesel Loverdose Tattoo was born! Tattoo is an updated version to their previous fragrance 'Loverdose' and you can quickly see how much it has evolved.

A is for Aesthetically Pleasing

The Diesel Loverdose Tattoo bottle is cool. Very cool. It relates to our girly side with the heart-shaped bottle, but toughens it up by making it black. It's almost an accessory in itself and we can't help but admire its simple, yet effective design.

The Smell

Fruity would be the first word we'd use to describe Diesel Loverdose Tattoo. It contains notes of Orange Mandarin, Rose, Vanilla and Jasmine and blended together, these help to create a very wearable fragrance. The smell is suitable for everyday wear and can easily be taken from day to night.

The Audience Although the smell is suitable for most age groups, the packaging might not go down too well with the older generation. Loverdose Tattoo is very feminine and we think it's just the right perfume to suit young women.

Roberto Cavalli Nero Assoluto

Roberto Cavalli Nero Assoluto is the newest fragrance from Roberto Cavalli, and like its predecessors, it's very glamorous. Like each Cavalli perfume, Nero Assoluto represents the strength of the Roberto Cavalli brand and it's one that we were very intrigued to smell in the Fragrance Direct office.

P is for Packaging

If you start from the bottom up, Roberto Cavalli Nero Assoluto could seem a little plain to some but when you reach the tip of the bottle, the Cavalli brand shines right through with the wealthy gold Roberto Cavalli symbol, which we think looks like a crown. The packaging is elegant, sophisticated and would be very welcome on any given dressing table!

The Smell

This is a classic scent that isn't too sweet, but still manages to grab your attention. Nero Assoluto contains notes of orchid, dark vanilla and ebony wood which, when mixed together, creates a musky memorable fragrance that you can take with you for years to come.

The Audience

Roberto Cavalli Nero Assoluto is one for all ages but in particular, we think this fragrance will be very popular amongst the older generation, so keep this one in mind when it comes to buying your mum or nan's Christmas present!

Katy Perry Killer Queen

If you've been a 'California girl' ever since Katy Perry stepped on the scene, telling us about how she 'kissed a girl', then you'll have been getting ready to get your hands on her new fragrance, 'Killer Queen'. Her third signature scent is a big update from her first two fragrances, Purr and Meow. Inspired by one of Queen's biggest hits, Katy said that she wanted Killer Queen should 'captivate the room'.

E is for Eye-Catching

And that's exactly what the Katy Perry Killer Queen packaging Is ' eye-catching! You can definitely see how much Katy Perry has evolved from her first two fragrances and Killer Queen instantly has a more grown up feel to it. Although the bottle isn't free standing (you can buy a separate stand for this), you kind of feel like you're holding a precious gem. It is weighty but decadent at the same time and makes you wonder what exactly this bottle could hold inside.

The Smell

Killer Queen is a playful fragrance with a sophisticated edge. Notes included in the scent are wild berries, dark plum and velvety red flowers (Celosia to be exact). The scent was designed to be powerful and edgy and we have to say, we wholeheartedly agree! Basically, if we had to sum it up with an equation, it would be sweet + fruit + sugar = Katy Perry Killer Queen. This is a fragrance that is suitable for everyday wear.

The Audience

Katy Perry Killer Queen isn't a perfume you'd be rushing to give to your mum, aunt, grandma etc., maybe due to the playful packaging but the scent inside is perfect for any age. Killer Queen is one for the Christmas wish list and will be a must have amongst Katy Perry fans.

Have any of these new fragrances caught your eye? Which one will you be clicking to try first? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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