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5 YouTubers You Should Be Watching Right Now

5 YouTubers You Should Be Watching Right Now
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If we want to watch a video of the world's most epic cats, where do you turn to? If you want to re-watch every performance on last year's X Factor, where do you instantly click? Well, YouTube, of course! With more than 1 billion unique users/visitors every month and over 100 hours of video uploaded every day, YouTube has become a video site phenomenon.

But there's quite a few other reasons why we love it so much. YouTube has become a central hub for all things beauty and if you're as big a fan of beauty as we are, you'll understand just how crucial that is to our every day beauty needs! Once upon a time, before the age of the internet, women had to pick up beauty tips from their favourite glossies, from their best friends and through trial and error. Fast forward to 2014 and you can pretty much access an encyclopedia of beauty and fashion knowledge from one click through to YouTube.

Beauty and fashion bloggers and vloggers (a vlogger is someone who runs a video blog) have created an amazing online community which you can easily become a part of! There is no doubt that you will have heard of the legendary beauty bloggers such as Michelle Phan and Zoella, who collectively have over 10 million subscribers and have found themselves as cover stars on the likes of popular magazines such as Company! That's right, beauty and fashion bloggers are here to stay and are, in a way, taking over the digital world!

So why should you be investing their time in them? Aside from giving you amazing beauty and fashion tip, they also bring you hints on the best places to shop and give you the opportunity to take a peek into their every day lives! So without further ado, we wanted to give you our list of 5 YouTubers that if you aren't watching right now, then you should be!

Lisa Eldridge

Lisa Eldridge is a renowned professional make-up artist who has worked with A-list celebrities and publications such as VOGUE and Elle (just to name a few). Her fans include film stars such as Kate Winslet and Kiera Knightley and she's been working backstage at some of LFW's biggest shows such as Matthew Williamson and Alice Temperley. With over 800k YouTube subscribers, Lisa is a fountain of knowledge for all things make-up and beauty. Now if that isn't a good beauty CV, we don't know what is!

Scroll through her countless video uploads and you'll find beauty tutorials, celebrity inspired make-up looks, skincare and cosmetic guides and lots more! Our current favourite tutorial of hers is 'How to Wear Bronzer Beautifully'- the perfect guide to warming up your Spring for the Summer months.

Liza Prideaux

We worked with the lovely Liza Prideaux in February as part of our series of Valentine's Make-up Tutorials and we instantly knew that big things will be coming her way in the future! With over 6k subscribers, Liza brings you a wealth of beauty tutorials, including our current favourite - The Cara Delevigne Spring Inspired Make-up look! She is also a yummy mummy and shares with us her adorable Get Ready With Vinny videos which focus on her adorable toddler!

Liza is down to earth, bubbly and fabulous with make-up so if you want to keep up to date with the current make-up trends and how to achieve them, get checking out her channel!

Hannah Maggs

We know that a lot of our Fragrance Direct fans are yummy mummies so we thought it only appropriate to introduce you to Hannah Maggs from the Hannah Maggs YouTube channel! After recently given birth to her adorable little boy, also known as 'Mr.G', Hannah has documented her pregnancy along with her first few months as a mama and has gained over 50k subscribers. Along with sharing with you her ups and downs of motherhood, Hannah also spends time taking you through her favourite make-up looks and tutorials as well as allowing you to have a peek into her family life!

So if you're a mum, a mum-to-be or a beauty fanatic, you'll love to dive into Hannah's channel of beauty, babies and everyday life! Why not check out her Five Favourite Beauty Products to get you started?


For our fashion fix, we love to tune into B from I Dress Myself. Stylish, chic and effortless are three words which come to mind when we describe this inspirational YouTuber. Aside from sharing her recent fashion purchases, which make way for some serious buying tips, B inspires our every day outfits with her Outfit Inspiration videos. We have serious wardrobe envy, especially when it comes to her mammoth shoe collection!

If you have all the basics of a good wardrobe and need a little every day inspiration, check out the I Dress Myself YouTube channel for new ideas on how to style your favourite pieces. With over 26k subscribers, it isn't hard to see why B has become a YouTube hit.


For all our beauty reviewing and testing needs, we instantly tune into Gemma from Gemsmaquillage. With over 86k subscribers, Gemma's channel brings us an array of beauty inspired videos from hauls, monthly favourites and reviews so that you can see what products are going to work best for you! Having recently moved into her first home, Gemma also shares great tips on how to decorate and transform your home without having to splash the cash.

With an online shop, a beauty channel, a healthy living channel and lots more to choose from, don't forget to get watching Gemsmaquillage to get instantly beauty inspired!

Which YouTube channels do you think we should be watching right now? Would you like to be added to our list for next month? Leave a comment below and let us know!

Fragrance Direct Blog
Writer and expert
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