There were at least 3.3 million beauty related searches across Europe in the last 12 months, showing the high demand for tips, tricks and advice on personal grooming.

But which countries are searching the most? And which trends are the most popular?

To find out, we analysed Google search data from the last 12 months to reveal Europe’s most Googled beauty questions.

Here are the most Googled beauty terms in every European country.

Europe’s most
Googled beauty

Country Search Term Volume
United Kingdom What is hair toner 195,700
Germany What hair colour is best for me 99,600
Spain Microshading 93,610
Italy How to grow your hair 65,810
Turkey What is toner 61,000
Poland Smokey eye tutorial 54,700
France How to grow your hair 45,810
Greece What is balayage hair 94,00
Sweden What is primer 3,380
Croatia How to cut your own hair 3,170
Iceland Balayage definition 3,000
Finland Applying eyeshadow 2,410
Norway How to curl hair with straighteners 2,110
Portugal How to straighten hair 1,620
Switzerland Microshading 1,590
Cyprus Microshading 1,300

In the UK, it seems we’re all keen to find out about hair toner, with the question driving almost 200,000 searches. Eyebrows are also being raised when it comes to the best ways to tame them, with microblading and HD brows topping the list of treatments.

Here are the top 10 most searched beauty terms in the UK:

The UK’s most
Googled beauty

Search Term Category Volume
What is hair tonerHair195,700
How to curl hair with straightenersHair107,500
What is microbladingBrows96,600
How to cut your own hairHair74,400
How to contourFace67,900
What are HD browsBrows53,500
How to apply eyeshadowEyes51,800
How to get hair dye off skinHair50,280
How to grow your hairHair49,800
How to curl hairHair45,300

Hair don’t care

Across Europe, our data shows haircare questions are being asked way more than those around skincare and beauty, with the topic reigning in over 482,000 Google searches the last 12 months.

‘What is hair toner?’ takes first place thanks to the UK, whilst those in Italy are lusting for longer locks, driving over 65,000 searches on ‘How to grow your hair?’

Here are some of the most popular haircare questions being asked.

Country Search Term Volume
United KingdomWhat is hair toner195,700
ItalyHow to grow your hair65,810
GreeceWhat is balayage hair94,00
TurkeyWhat is toner6,100
CroatiaHow to cut your own hair3,170

Europe's Most Googled Beauty Questions