Nina Ricci
Nina Ricci

Started in the glamourous 1930’s by Italian design duo, Maria and Robert Ricci, Nina Ricci has been up there with the best in fashion for almost 100 years. Based in France, the fashion house has embodied the most beautiful characteristics of femininity for decades through their clothing ranges and perfumes.


French fashion designer, Nina Ricci, was born in Italy in 1883 and moved to France at the age of 12 where just one year later she began an apprenticeship as a dressmaker. Shortly after, she met Luigi Ricci, the son of a Florentine jeweller, whom she married and gave birth to his son, Robert, who would later play an even longer-lasting role in the brand that its founder.

In 1908, Nina Ricci joined the House of Raffin where she worked for 24 years controlling her own department, workshops, seamstresses and clientele. She also had a lucrative side business selling her patterns to regional dressmakers and seamstresses as well as selling her creations directly.

Her son, Robert Ricci, grew up to be a gifted entrepreneur and took over the House of Raffin being responsible for the business side while his mother exercised full creative control. In 1932, the House Of Nina Ricci was founded, and the mother and son collaboration became one of the most successful ventures in the history of couture.

Nina Ricci
Nina Ricci


After seeing huge success between 1932 and 1939 where the House Of Nina Ricci was dressing more women than any other major label in Paris, Robert Ricci decided for the company to grow, Nina Ricci needed fragrance. 1946 saw the launch of the first Ricci fragrance, Coeur-Joie, which caught up with other major perfume sales, however with L’Air du Temps that launched in 1948 with its iconic entwined doves on the stopper, this became one of the world’s classic fragrances that is still admired today.

Thanks to the founders’ entrepreneurial and creative talents, the internationally renowned Nina Ricci brand lives on today and is massively successful.


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