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The worlds most googled fragrances

With so many options available, finding the perfect perfume can be a challenge. To give you a spritz of inspiration, here at Fragrance Direct, we’ve analysed over 100 countries and 10,000 fragrances in a bid to reveal which ones are most desired around the world.

We used Google search data from the last 12 months to find out which brands and editions are being searched for the most, and used our findings to analyse the base, heart, and top notes from the top 500 to showcase the scents we can’t get enough of.

The Most Googled Fragrances in the World

With a staggering 967,210 searches, Estee Lauder Estee is officially the world’s most Googled fragrance. Created in 1968, the classic perfume has stood the test of time, with beautiful notes of jasmine, rose, and ylang-ylang, making it sweet, warm, and soothing.

Versace Eros comes in second place with 281,270 global searches, and Carolina Herrera Good Girl scores third with 186,180.

Whilst female perfumes make up the top four on our list, Davidoff Cool Water and Dior Homme both bag a place in the top 10, proving to be the most popular male fragrances on the planet.

Further down the top 20 list you’ll find other male fragrances, including Joop Homme and Montblanc Legend, alongside the signature scent from French fashion designer, Lolita Lempicka, which has earned 74,000 searches.

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The UK's 10 favourite fragrances

Taking a deep dive into the UK, whilst Estee Lauder snaps the top spot yet again, Marc Jacobs Daisy steals second place with over 40,500 searches. Diesel Only The Brave, also makes the top 10, proving to be a popular choice with British men.

You’ll spot two editions from the Gucci range, along with Lancome La Vie Est Belle which is fronted by Hollywood legend, Julia Roberts.

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The top 5 fragrances by country

Looking at the world’s favourite fragrances in more detail, we’ve explored the top five in 100 countries across the globe. Whilst Estee Lauder Estee proves to be the most popular fragrance in over 50 of the 100 countries we analysed, there are some notable exceptions.

In France, Dior Homme is searched for the most, whilst in Germany, Versace Eros takes the crown. The majority of those searching from Portugal are looking for Carolina Herrera Good Girl.

Click on each country in the map below to see the five most Googled fragrances along with the number of queries they received.

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Most Googled fragrances:

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The world’s favourite male and female fragrances

Splitting the list by gender, we’ve also analysed the most loved female and male fragrances from the 100 countries in our study.

Fragrances by Lancome make two appearances in the female fragrance list, with Lancome Idole and La Vie Est Belle both popular with women from all around the globe.

When it comes to the boys, Davidoff Cool Water is the most Googled aftershave overall, making the top five in 43 countries and proving to be extremely popular in India, Pakistan, and Thailand.

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Breaking fragrance down by notes

Alongside exploring the world’s most loved fragrances, we dug a little deeper to uncover the notes that crop up the most. Rose is officially the note featured in the most fragrances, suggesting the world is most fond of soft, floral scents. It’s the heart note in Estee Lauder Estee, meaning the scent is released around one to two hours after applying the fragrance, once the top note has faded.

Jasmine sambac, a flower native to South East Asia, takes second place, used in 106 fragrances from our top global list. You’ll find this in Marc Jacobs Decadence and YSL Libre.

Alongside this, it seems we’re all huge fans of fruity fragrances, with peach, mandarin, lemon, and orange blossom all making an appearance. Peach is the top note in Dolce and Gabbana The One, whilst you’ll find orange blossom is the top note Joop Homme. Top notes are the first scents you’ll perceive when you apply a fragrance to your skin. One they begin to fade, you’ll start to smell the aroma from the heart notes, then finally the base notes which are the most powerful and typically last the longest.

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Lauren Oddy, Fragrance Expert at Fragrance Direct

"It’s no surprise to see rose appear as the most popular note, as it’s light, floral aroma is delightful all year round. It’s usually used as a top note, meaning you’ll smell it as soon as you apply to your skin.

Citrus fruits are also commonly found in both male and female fragrances thanks to their fresh, zest aroma, perfect for uplifting your mood and making you feel good."

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