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Lola's Apothecary Sweet Lullaby Soothing Bath & Shower Oil

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Lola's Apothecary Lullaby Soothing Bath & Shower Oil 100ml.

Sweet Lullaby Bathing Ritual
Feel warmly embraced by a grounding blend of joyous and relaxing plant essences. Dim the lights, go offline. Place a few candles around the bathroom to create a sacred space. Rain a few drops of bath oil into a full bath. Slide into the warm bath, close your eyes and rest softly on thoughts of happiness and safety and fresh linen. Can also be used as a shower oil.
Sweet Lullaby is a comforting scent with Lavender and Ylang Ylang at its soothing heart, grounded by Patchouli and Vanilla at its spicy base, and uplifted by Sweet Orange in the top note to sing a sweet lullaby.
All our fragrances are composed entirely of the finest pure essential oils.
Lavender is one of nature's most beloved calming herbs since Roman times. Relieves stress and eases headache. Also a powerful antiseptic to aid healing.
Vanilla is euphoric and comforting, promotes a sense of well being and tranquillity. Soothes inflammation and rich in antioxidants. Also an aphrodisiac!
Ylang Ylang eases stress and anxiety, helps lower blood pressure. Balances sebum production, stimulates the scalp to aid hair growth.
Sweet Orange is uplifting yet calming. Also cleansing, stimulating and toning, effective on cellulite and helps ease indigestion.
Sweet Almond Oil is a good source of vitamin E, is easily absorbed with excellent emollient property. Kind on sensitive skin and great for strong, healthy nails.
Grapeseed Oil is high in omega 6, easily absorbed to nourish the skin.
Beta Carotene boosts cell turnover to promote skin healing.
Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that repairs free radical damage and improves skin elasticity.

Add a few drops of this potent oil to a full bath. Or massage a small amount all over body before shower. Extraordinarily concentrated, approx. 40 baths.

No time to bathe? Create a cocoon of wellness by adding a few drops of bath oil in a mug of hot water. Place by your desk or bedside to fill the air with comfort.
For a mini mindfulness practice, sit still with the fragrant mug for a few minutes, observe the bath oil swirling in the water, inhale the fragrant steam, listen to your breath. Treat yourself to a momentary retreat from the vivid dance of life.
Visit our Self Care Rituals page for more inspiration.

Spend £50 |Save 10%|Code TAKE10