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MR Jamie Stevens Disguise Hair Spray Brown 100ml

£14.95 Save £3.05 (17%)

MR Jamie Stevens Style Fix Spray 200ml

£6.45 Save £3.55 (36%)


gruum Conditioner Bar Brightening Glos 50g

£6.00 Save £3.00 (33%)

Balade En Provence Shine Solid Shampoo 80g

£5.89 Save £2.60 (31%)


Lamazuna Hair Care Lemon Solid Shampoo for Oily Hair Types 55g

£6.74 Save £2.25 (25%)

MR Jamie Stevens Style Paste 75g

£9.45 Save £0.55 (5%)

Label M Cleanse Intensive Repair Shampoo 300ml

£9.95 Save £5.00 (33%)


Profesional Cosmetics Placentinol Anti- Oily Shampoo 1000ml

£11.24 Save £3.75 (25%)

SACHAJUAN Normal Hair Shampoo 250ml

£9.71 Save £12.29 (56%)

MR Jamie Stevens Hair Fibres Black 15g

£14.95 Save £3.05 (17%)

MR Jamie Stevens Hair Fibres Dark Brown 15g

£14.95 Save £3.05 (17%)

Label M Organic Orange Blossom Conditioner 200ml

£14.99 Save £4.26 (22%)


Tigi Bed Head For Men Clean Up Peppermint Conditioner 750ml

£9.28 Save £10.67 (53%)

MR Jamie Stevens Hair Fibres Brown 15g

£14.95 Save £3.05 (17%)

SACHAJUAN Thickening Conditioner 100ml

£7.95 Save £4.05 (34%)


Woody's Grooming Mega Firm Gel 355ml

£4.99 Save £3.96 (44%)

American Crew Style Heavy Hold Pomade 85g

£11.95 Save £3.85 (24%)

Sebamed Anti-dry revitalizing shampoo 200ml

£5.85 Save £0.34 (5%)

SACHAJUAN Volume Cream 125ml

£12.95 Save £9.05 (41%)

American Crew Style Fiber Grooming Foam 200ml

£9.99 Save £3.51 (26%)

American Crew Techseries Texture Foam 200ml

£9.99 Save £3.96 (28%)

Acqua Di Parma Colonia Hair Shampoo 150ml

£24.75 Save £8.25 (25%)

Nourkrin Conditioner For Hair Growth 150ml

£8.99 Save £3.96 (31%)

Nourkrin Man Promotion Pack 180 Capsules

£94.99 Save £35.00 (27%)

Nourkrin Man 60 Capsules

£34.99 Save £15.00 (30%)

Redken Brews Daily Shampoo 300ml

£14.40 Save £1.10 (7%)

Shiny, enviable locks aren’t just for girls. You might need something that cleans and conditions in one go for those busy days, or a reliable product to keep that style locked down. Whatever you’re after, it’s always good to know that it’s all within easy reach, and at a great price. And that’s what we do. We collect some of biggest names and best-sellers you can find, and stock them at a discount. Our brands include American Crew, Kérastase and TIGI, with all the very best hair products for men, from oils and grooming sprays, to hair treatments. In fact, whatever your style, and however much hair you have to play with, we have something to get the very best out of your “do”.

Take a look at our top men’s haircare products now, and check out with a bargain.
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