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Note Icon Nail Enamel

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Note Mattifying Extreme Wear Apricot Foundation 35ml

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Note Mineral Eyeshadow Mineral 03

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Note Mineral Matte Lip Cream

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Note Detox and Protect Foundation 06 Dark Honey

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Note Luminous Silk Mono Eyeshadow 12

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Inspired by the passion for living, the colours of life and the notes in the nature; Note Cosmetics was launched in 2014 after lifelong research. Strengthening make up products with skin care technologies, never compromising the quality of our products, always developing new lines. We merged the notes in the nature and latest technologies, accessible for every woman who wants to have the best version of themselves.

None of our products go through experiments on animals. We produce trustworthy and innovative products, respecting values of any belief. In addition to that, our top make up artists and skin care experts lie at the core of our journey in placing us as a leading European brand with world-wide demand.

Listen to the notes in the nature…

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