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Feisty, fiery and absolutely part of modern culture, Katy Perry has turned heads for years as both an artist and a brand. So it stands to reason that her fragrance collection is just as popular as she is. Deeply embedded in the gutsy vibe we’ve come to expect of the superstar, every scent in her range is made to titillate, tantalise and to stand out from the crowd. Because of this, and an inspirational take on classic ingredients, the celeb’s perfumes continue to bring in big sales every year.

Favourites include Katy Perry Killer Queen, Mad Potion, Royal Revolution and Katy Perry Meow. Provocative, fun and zesty, they are without exception the ideal scent for any contemporary girl with spirit and confidence.

Check out our discounted range of Katy Perry perfume now, and treat yourself without breaking the bank.

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