The perfect Father’s Day gift idea is one that has that personal touch. Think, something special that says you’ve put plenty of thought in, and you know exactly what he likes. Fragrance is a failsafe present you can easily tailor to your dad’s interests, whether he’s a sport fanatic, an outdoorsy type, or a city-dweller. Click on one of the three dads below to find the right gift, delivered in time for the 18th of June.


Your dad’s all about the great outdoors. For him, the ideal weekend involves strolling through the countryside, setting off camping, and living in his favourite hiking jacket. He appreciates the simple things in life, which, some might argue, can make him a hard person to shop for....

Father's Day - Rustic Gent

What do you buy for the dad who has everything? If he’s something of a city slicker, the perfect Father’s Day gift idea for him is a scent he can wear to the office – and beyond. Just think of aromas that exude elegance, like a spicy accord that says he means business, or a surprising sprig of lavender in a clean, fresh, woody blend....

Father's Day - City Slicker

You can tell a lot about a man by the kind of sport he’s into. In fact, it’s a helpful thing to know when looking for a thoughtful Father’s Day gift idea. You see, whether he’s a football guy, the tennis type, or someone who’s (dreaming of) sailing every weekend, you can use his interests to decode a fragrance he will love. Here’s how…

Father's Day - Sporty Cool

Father's Day