L'Oreal Paris

Since its earliest days L'Oréal has been crafting gorgeous cosmetic and makeup products. Launched in 1907 by French chemist, Eugene Schueller, the first thing he created was a hair dye. From there, a full range of hair products, including hair care and styling followed and was quickly picked up and stocked in salons.

Fast forward to the present day, and L'Oréal is the biggest beauty and cosmetics company in the world. The group includes over 500 subsidiaries, and covers just about every type of beauty product imaginable. From L'Oréal makeup, to hair styling products and skincare this behemoth of beauty does it all, and just like in the very beginning, everything is made to make you feel especially gorgeous. Take a tour through our site and find some of the most popular L'Oréal products for even less. READ MORE