Now so famous for their aftershaves and perfumes, it’s amazing to think that Davidoff began as a tobacconist in sophisticated Switzerland. In 1970 the company embarked on a game-changing future, expanding into producing luxury leather goods and accessories. Just under 20 years later, with a reputation for making stylish fashion goods, Davidoff released their first scent, the now iconic Cool Water.


Zino Davidoff was born in 1906 and spent his life building an incredible eponymous brand. He founded it in 1980 and his motto was “true luxury is experiencing beauty and the ultimate pleasure in every moment” which became the company’s inspiration. Zino Davidoff is at the heart of the brand and his legacy continues to inspire everything they do with their product collections reflecting his natural elegance and appreciation of fine quality, style, authenticity and good living.

He was often referred to as a master of the art of living. He filled a lifetime with adventurous journeys across borders and was always in a quest to discover the finer things in the world. It is through his products that his spirit is shared with the world.  

Zino Davidoff


The first Davidoff fragrance was launched in 1984 and soon after came the infamous Davidoff Cool Water. It was one of the first fragrances for men that pioneered the aquatic theme and offered a fresh, masculine fragrance that is still incredibly successful today. Now known as the Zino Davidoff Group, the brand is a Swiss family business offering luxury watches, leather goods and accessories as well as fragrances.

Today, the brand’s portfolio is made up of some of the world’s finest objects that have been carefully sourced from all over the globe to bring pleasure to people everywhere.


Behind The Brand – Davidoff