Elie Saab Girl Of Now Forever
Elie Saab Girl Of Now Shine

Elie Saab

There’s nothing more romantic and feminine than an Elie Saab gown, and their fragrances are no different. Designed for the everyday princess in you, this unique label only deals in the sumptuous and the extravagant. The high fashion brand was created by the self-taught designer of the same name, and quickly gained a world-wide reputation for making wedding dresses, fragrances and accessories.

Magical and exceptional in every way, Eli Saab’s scents are an ode to female beauty and sexuality, just like his gowns. Contemporary and yet classic, the collection includes top selling perfumes like Elie Saab Rose, and L'Eau Couture. These, among his other luxurious fragrances have been top of women’s wish-lists since their release, and they remain just as popular today.

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