Dermalogica Speed Mapping

If you are unsure about which Dermalogica products to use, try the new online Face Mapping Tool on the Dermalogica Website. You can choose your primary concerns, including :


Those with oily skin traditionally experience the most oiliness in the areas A and D sometimes known as the T-Zone, because more sebaceous glands reside in these areas.


The frequency and severity of acne and breakouts in adults can be dramatically influenced by stress levels, diet, and the use of acnegenic cosmetics.


Exfoliation is critical to minimize the signs of skin aging. However, excessive exfoliation can lead to inflammation, a known precursor to skin aging.


Exfoliation helps remove dulling skin cells and preps the skin for brightening treatments. However, it's important to not over exfoliate, as this can cause inflammation, which is a precursor to sensitivity and skin aging.


While you main concerns may be redness and sensitivity, these conditions are often accompanied by dryness.


Dryness refers to a lack of oil in the skin, where symptoms include flakiness, potential sensitivity and a dull appearance. Dehydration reveals a lack of water in the skin and most often appears in the form of tightness and fine lines.

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