Dermabrush Cleansing System, , large
  • Dermabrush Cleansing System, , large Dermabrush Cleansing System, , large

Dermabrush Cleansing System


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Skin cleansing ? essential for beautiful skin
Impurities such as sebum, dirt and make-up not only form a breeding ground for bacteria, they also interfere with the internal processes of the skin (renewal) and prevent the absorption of essential active agents such as creams and serums. Dead skin cells should be removed regularly otherwise they clog the pores and make the skin appear sallow.

The gentle cleansing and exfoliating brush
The first step to healthy skin and an even complexion. Deeply cleanses and exfoliates and optimizes the absorption of your regular cleansing products to leave you with deeply cleansed, supple skin in only one minute. The battery operated Dermabrush allows easy handling even under the shower.

? Radiant complexion and fabulously clear skin.
? Optimizes the absorption and effect of high-quality care ingredients.

How does the Dermabrush work?
Electro-brushes all have one thing in common: a bristle head that moves. However, the type of movement may be different. Some vibrate slightly, some rotate, while others oscillate, that is, they rotate like a pendulum, first in one direction, then in the other direction.

What all have in common: When rotating the fine bristles brush over the skin surface and thus remove dirt, oil, makeup and dead skin cells.

Can electric brushes replace normal skin cleansing?
Most manufacturers recommend using the brush mornings and evenings in combination with a cleansing product, e.g. a cleansing gel. Chemical substances, namely surfactants can also be used and in this way, a regular deep cleansing replaces the normal washing process.

Application: The apparatus should not be used for longer than one minute per cleansing unit. The brush should dry completely between applications and be cleaned once a week with shampoo and hot water. After 3-4 months, the brush head should be replaced.