The Most Painful Parts Of Beauty

Ranked: The Most Painful
Parts Of Beauty

Let’s face it, beauty is pain. From poking ourselves in the eye with a mascara wand to going for that dreaded bikini wax, sometimes we have to ask, is it really worth it?

To find out which treatments and blunders are officially the most painful, we asked over 55,000 Fragrance Direct Instagram followers to tell us what hurts the most in the world of beauty.

The most torturous treatments

Taking 10 of the UK’s most popular beauty treatments, we asked our ‘grammers to compare them and choose the one they perceive to be the most painful.

Drilling down on body hair, when asked to compare the pain of bikini waxing to eyebrow threading, 80% chose bikini waxing. Epilating is also thought to be a torturous hair removal method, with 84% choosing it in favour of sensitivity from teeth whitening.

Try the poll yourself to see which beauty treatment our Insta’ fans find most painful, and the percentage of votes each one received.

Which treatment hurts the most? (choose one)

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The most painful treatments, ranked by Instagram

After counting up the votes from our Instagram poll, we can officially reveal the UK’s most painful treatments, in order of how much they hurt.

From the list of 10 treatments we compared, epilating was voted the most painful, with the highest number of users (84%) selecting it in the poll.

It seems needles aren’t too nice, either, as Lash line tattooing and dermal fillers received votes from over 50% of Instagram followers who took part.

Interestingly, eyebrow plucking (52%) received more votes than eyebrow threading (20%) which ranks in 9th place.

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The most painful beauty blunders

Whilst treatments are painful, beauty blunders can also leave us in a world of pain. From a throbbing finger after banging an acrylic nail to feeling the sting of a razor burn, one tiny mistake can leave you holding back the tears.

But which blunders hurt the most? Alongside treatments, we also took 10 popular blunders and asked our Instagrammer’s to choose the one’s which cause them the most pain.

Take the test yourself to see if you agree with other UK beauty fans.

Which blunder hurts the most? (choose one)

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The most painful blunders, ranked by Instagram

From the 10 beauty blunders we polled, sunburn was voted as the most painful – making it even more important to slap on that SPF.

Squeezing a tough spot received 65% of votes, whilst burning your skin on a hot hair tool received 62%.

Surprisingly, only 43% of votes said banging an acrylic nail was the most painful blunder, however it’s still deemed as being more painful than having a razor burn, chapped lips, and peeling off a face mask.

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What’s the worst type of pain?

Mirror, mirror on the wall, what’s the worst pain overall? We compared our five most painful beauty treatments to our five most painful blunders in a bid to find out. The five with the highest number of votes were then compared to everyday mishaps, as a way to gage exactly just how much they hurt.

From the 10 treatments and blunders, bikini waxing, burns from hair tools, poking yourself in the eye with a mascara wand, sunburn, and epilating were voted the most painful.

However, when compared to everyday mishaps such as stubbing your toe, having toothache, and standing on a plug – beauty pain is by no means the worst we endure.

In fact, biting your tongue was perceived as being more than twice as painful as poking yourself in the eye with a mascara wand.

Take a look at the full results below.

Treatments VS Blunders

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The Worst Pain Overall

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Most Painful Parts of Beauty