The Best Beauty Side Hustles

If you’re a makeup and skincare addict who’s keen to stop spending and start earning, you could turn your passion into power by training up and taking on a glamorous new side-hustle.

To help you get started, we've explored the cost of training courses and starter kits for 60 popular beauty treatments, along with the average price charged by professionals around the UK.

As a result, we reveal the beauty side-hustles that make the biggest profit, along with the treatments that are the trickiest to train in.

Top of the class

The quickest profitability

Miro ring hair extensions

It takes just two clients to pay off your training costs.

The biggest money maker

Semi-permanent makeup

You could earn up to £207,740 a year, if you had 10 clients a week.

The cheapest to train in


It costs just £97.70 to become a qualified Reiki teacher.

A pain to train

The hardest hustle

Dermal fillers

You’d have to carry out 78 treatments to earn your start-up costs back.

The cheapest treatment

Eye-brow threading

You’d only earn £98 a week from 10 treatments.

The slowest to profit from

Spray tanning

You’d have to do 263 spray tans before paying off your start-up costs.

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If you need to save a little cash before taking on a beauty side hustle, take a look at our tanning, haircare, and hair removal products, which won’t break your budget.

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Best Beauty Side Hustles